If you have an interest in art, chances are you’re familiar with DALL-E. This incredible AI art generator utilizes machine learning to transform written descriptions into visually stunning (and occasionally unnerving) images. Artists are utilizing this technology to create a diverse array of artwork, including portraits, landscapes, and beyond.

Yes! We have talked about this topic in the past in this blog. However, recently Open AI released the update on the Dall-E 3 and many functions were enhanced. In this article, we will explore and search for Dall-E 3 and alternatives.

What’s the update of Dall-E 3?

DALL-E, an innovative creation by OpenAI, utilizes a powerful machine-learning algorithm to generate images from textual prompts. By employing a 12-billion parameter GPT-3 transformer model, it comprehends natural language inputs and produces visual outputs instead of verbal ones. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes the way we communicate with machines and enables the creation of visual content in response to written descriptions.

DALL·E models generally excel in generating unique and creative images based on textual prompts, showcasing the ability to understand and manipulate visual concepts. It’s possible that DALL·E 3 introduces advancements in generating higher-resolution images, improved fine-grained control over generated outputs, or enhanced diversity and realism in image synthesis.

By the way, I have to remind you the Dall-E 3 also support using in bing chat with 100 high speed credit without chatgpt account.

DALL%C2%B7E 2023 04 06 12.17.14 realistic photo a man in a space suit with a flower in his hand a computer rendering by Mike Winkelmann trending on cgsociety retrofuturism uhd i 1

Dall-E 2 Prompt: a man in a space suit with a flower in his hand, a computer rendering by Mike Winkelmann, trending on cgsociety, retrofuturism, uhd image, rendered in cinema4d, hard surface modeling

Dall-E 3 prompt man in a space

Dall-E 3 Prompt: a man in a space suit with a flower in his hand, a computer rendering by Mike Winkelmann, trending on cgsociety, retrofuturism, uhd image, rendered in cinema4d, hard surface modeling

Compared to Dall-E 2, the picture produced by Dall-E 3 is clearer and more vivid. Dall-E 3 generated picture exhibits distinct prominent features. You can convey your concept to them, and they can generate a fitting photo for you using an enhanced and refined AI model.

Dall-E 3 Alternatives

Do you know that besides Dall-E 3, there are many other good choices, some of which are as good as Dall-E 3 or even better? However, before I introduce a recommended AI text-to-image tool, there are a few points you should know and understand about the standards and challenges of such AI drawing tools.

What’s the challenges for AI drawing?

For the different AI drawing algorithms, many AI drawing tool may perform different effect on their generated picture. As a pro AI drawing engineer, let me unveil the secret challenges in the AI drawing and in this article I will choose and one of the most difficult point of developing anime AI drawing section to explore.

Hand and finger

The structure of the fingers is very complex, with a wide range of morphological variations. The length and direction of curvature of each finger differ, and the coordinated movements of all the fingers require mutual coordination. It is not easy to correctly understand its growth structure and motion patterns.

However, the hand is simultaneously the most familiar and sensitive object of observation for humans. Humans are so sensitive to fingers because gestures are a very important form of body language. With just a slight anomaly (such as the index finger being longer than the middle finger, the orientation of the index finger, or whether the hand is holding a pencil or a dagger), people can immediately perceive it.

The combination of high difficulty and high sensitivity has led to the prominence of AI finger issues. This makes fingers an important criterion for ordinary people to identify whether a work is created by AI.

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Wrong finger drawing

Posture of the characters

AI-drawing is unable to express emotions and personality, nor adapt to complex scenarios and environments. Due to the limitations of its algorithm, AI painting lacks diversity and variety in style and technique.Lack of emotional and expressive abilities, artistic works are not just images but also a way to express emotions and convey information. AI technology faces difficulties in expressing emotions because emotions are unique human experiences that are difficult to simulate through algorithms.It is hard for adjusting the gesture for AI-character, because it will cost a lot of time and money to train the AI-model. According to the content we train and AI-drawing tool can generate the picture for the users.

AI anime characters generated by ZMO's imgcretor

AI anime characters generated by imgcreator

Color Contrast

Excellent adjectives not only require the creator to combine concise and succinct words to describe the content to be illustrated, but also need to incorporate necessary artistic and professional modifiers.General models possess a logical and aesthetic understanding of everything, including people, animals, landscapes, and scenes. They are particularly suitable for novice users and specific fields of artistic work such as the animation and design industries. As the platform continuously improves its resolution (including various denoising, sharpening, and optimization techniques), the presentation effect of general models will become increasingly splendid.

Snow Elf

Conclusion on AI drawing challenge

Following these standard, let us start the adventure for exploring the Dall-E 3 and its alternatives. I choose this prompt to test: A japanese anime style picture of a kawaii girl with her hand in a star, ribbons flowing in the wind, a river flowing endlessly until it meets the finite boundary of a dam, pink color, colorful story, realistic hyperdetail rendering style, mother of pearl rainbow holographic, vibrant light, stars flying, illuminated with soft yellow light supreme atmosphere, masterpiece painting, complex design, oil painting, Rem Koolhaas, with a more natural face and hand

Dall-E 3

The Dall-E 3 has been updated, resulting in significant improvements in image generation. I entered the prompt into the Bing chat, and within seconds, it produced an image. The process was fast, and the resulting picture looks impressive.

DALL-E 3 image generation

The picture displays a vibrant subject with a natural pose, meeting the prompt’s criteria. The only flaw is the peculiar hand gesture. It seems like the character intends to wave her hand, I think Dall-E 3 was unable to envision the appropriate emotion, resulting in an imperfect depiction. Apart from this aspect, the overall image feels pleasant and skillfully executed.

Dall-E 3 Pros and Cons

ProsUnlimited image generating style
Accurate image generation
Good color conditioning
You can freely use in the Bing chat with 100 quickly generation
ConsGesture can not be adjusted and it need to be improved
This library may have words related to nudity, hate, and violent images, but they are not made known to the public. Furthermore, DALL-E 2 is unable to create highly realistic faces of public figures, which eliminates a significant application of the software, namely, generating memes featuring famous individuals.


Getting started with Midjourney can be inconvenient for users. They must first create a Discord account and go to the website to select the beta option before they can start using the service. If users have previous experience with Midjourney, generating the process is relatively easy. They just need to find the Midjourney bot and enter the appropriate command, and within 30 seconds, the process will begin.

One advantage of using Midjourney is that users can observe the generation process, which can be satisfying for those who are curious about how it works. Additionally, because of high demand, Midjourney currently does not offer a free trial. Users will need to subscribe to a plan in order to access all of its features.

Midjourney star girl

As is the picture shown, I can’t help to praise this picture. It has the good posture for standing girl with colorful matching. But the prompt I test is mainly used for midjourney, so it is need keep conservative opinion for the generated image. Except for the long word matching and no free trial. Midjourney is a good choice for the Dall-E 3 alternatives.

Midjourney Pros and Cons

ProsSuperior quality results and resolutions. 
Friendly to the community. 
Support for image referencing. 
Variety and enhancement.
ConsGesture can not be adjusted and it need to be improved
No free trial
Complex log process


ImgCreator.AI is taking the art world by storm with its multifunctional AI capabilities. Unlike other AI art generators, ImgCreator.AI’s expertise extends beyond illustration to include 3D design and realistic photography. This sets it apart from competitors and gives users a one-stop-shop for all their creative needs.

The versatility of ImgCreator.AI is impressive and attracts both professional artists looking to enhance their skills and beginners who want to explore the world of digital art. With its powerful algorithms, ImgCreator.AI can generate stunning illustrations that range from whimsical landscapes to detailed character portraits.

But it doesn’t stop there – this AI art generator also excels in 3D design, allowing users to bring their imaginations to life with immersive environments and lifelike objects. Whether you’re creating virtual worlds for video games or designing prototypes for architectural projects, ImgCreator.AI has got you covered.

And let’s not forget about its realistic photography capabilities. By analyzing millions of images, ImgCreator.AI can recreate stunning photographs that mimic the style of famous photographers or even create entirely new aesthetic experiences.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an AI art generator that goes above and beyond in terms of functionality, look no further than ImgCreator.AI. Its ability to excel in illustration, 3D design, and realistic photography makes it a valuable tool for artists and designers alike. So unlock your creativity today with the help of this revolutionary AI platform!

ImgCreator star girl

Shown in the picture, ImgCreator has multiple function style for you to choose. You can generate directly by choosing the category and style. Although it will take some time, you can choose and adjust the detail what you like. For the further, After you generating the image and it also can provide you AI photo editor to adjust your photo with the common credit. It has multiple function for different using.

ImgCreator Pros and Cons

Pros– Edit function
– Easy access
– Supports image referencing
– Diverse range of functions
– Free use with sufficient credits
Cons– The generation speed is a little slow


Users can choose between the DALL-E model and Stable Diffusion to generate images, as well as specify the desired quantity of pictures. The generator has the option to suggest styles based on user input, but users can also directly specify their preferred style if none of the suggested styles are suitable.

After the image generation, it seems not accurate for the generation. I choose the Dall-E engine to generate, but it can not give me generated image I wanted. I try to find the category or style selection and I failed. Maybe they have not updated the AI-powered engine.

Simplified generation

Simplified Pros and Cons

Pros– You can publish directly to social media.
– You can choose between the DALL-E or Stable Diffusion models.
– It’s an all-in-one tool for creating content.
– It supports incorporating original reference photos.
Cons– The Dall-E engine haven’t updated
– Only 5 credits to try
– No upscale
– Bug in picture review

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an AI art generator that can help you achieve exceptional outcomes. You can begin using the program without creating an account because it’s free. With this advanced application, you can turn simple words into stunning graphics, modify photos based on any text you prefer, or enhance images with small details as you find suitable.

Furthermore, Stable Diffusion offers a diverse range of customization options, allowing you to create unique AI image styles of unparalleled quality. It serves as an excellent alternative to DALL-E.

Stable Diffusion is an AI art generator you need if you want to get outstanding results. You don’t even need to establish an account to start utilizing the program because it is free to use. Using this cutting-edge application, you may transform plain words into stunning graphics, alter photos depending on whatever text you like, or add minute features to images as you see appropriate.

Additionally, Stable Diffusion has a wide variety of customization choices that let you create totally original AI image styles that are unequalled in quality, making it a fantastic replacement for DALL-E.

Stable Diffusion generation

It seems a good image with warm image. And all the factor in the picture is good. I told the engine to create the Japanese anime style and the most important and fatal problem is that it generate totally wrong image. Maybe I use wrong prompt. It also can not find the style selection in the category. But it definitely is good picture.

Stable Diffusion Pros and Cons

Pros– Open-source machine learning model – it’s completely free to use
– Generate AI images quickly with Fast AI
– Generate multiple AI images at once
– Produce high-quality outputs
Cons– The Dall-E engine haven’t updated
– Only 5 credits to try
– No upscale
– Bug in picture review

Animegenius in live3d.io

AnimeGenius is a free AI art generator that lets everyone create beautiful anime art using a simple text prompt. It’s user-friendly and delivers impressive results, even for non-artists. AnimeGenius can generate a wide variety of anime characters, scenes, and objects, making it an excellent tool for creating anime art, whether for personal or commercial use.

As is image shown, it has good character posture and hand detail. It can perfectly fulfill the requirement of the image. But the compared to the other AI-powered generation image. The background seems perform not so good. Most generation image generated with colorful choice. Amimegenius only provide you the single background. It need improvement on this image.

Animegenius interface

But it provide you different function to choose and upscale. However, after you login and use all the credit of the generator. You have to pay for their service.

Animegenius Pros and Cons

Pros– Accurate generate
– Multiple style
– Be able to upscale
Cons– Paid service
– Color matching is not very well


Dall-E 3 has updated many stunning function to improve their image generation. It is a amazing update for the AI image industry. It will push the progress of AI development and research. And you can also try the Dall-E 3 alternatives. Sometimes they also can bring you a magic and different feeling!

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