Music album covers are a crucial part of marketing the music and building a connection with the audience. It creates a visual impact that helps the audience remember your album and know more about it.

In this digital world, AI is dominating the album cover generation. Artists are using best ai for album cover generator to generate album covers that can resonate with their audience. These tools can generate attractive and high-quality album covers with just a few clicks and within a few moments.

If you are more curious about it, let’s discuss it in detail in this blog.

Why Need an Attractive Music Album Cover?

Before we delve into the complicated world of artificial intelligence, you may want to know what is the need of it. Why do you need an attractive music album cover when the main product of yours is your music? You should focus on it in place of creating an attractive music album cover. Well, there are various reasons for having a compelling album cover.

Why Need an Attractive Music Album Cover?

  • First Impression: Your cover is the first thing your audience will see before even listening to any note. So, the cover will shape the perception and expectations of listeners. It is the first impression of your music so you need to focus on it.
  • Visual Storytelling: Your album cover should contain the mood and type of your music. It should narrate the whole story of your album. In this way, the audience can have an idea about the genre of music and would love to listen to it.
  • Branding and Identity: There are hundreds and thousands of music albums in the market. You need to distinguish yourself from them. It can be possible through your album cover. It could contain all the branding aspects of yours. So, the audience can distinguish you from others.
  • Building a Connection With Your Audience: Your album cover can tell about your taste in the artistic world. It could tell a lot about your personality and art preferences. So, it could develop a personal type of connection between you and your audience.

So, these are a few benefits of having best ai for album cover generators attractive album covers. Now, let’s see different AI tools for generating album cover pages.

Different Best AI for Album Cover Generator Pages

 In this blog we will different best ai for album cover generator for album cover pages.

1.   ZMO AI Anime Generator

ZMO is a one-in-all AI tool for all of your graphic design needs. In this tool, you can do the following things:

  • Edit your images.
  • Upscale your images.
  • Generate anime pictures.
  • Generate realistic photos.
  • Generate illustrations and logos.
  • Generate Pokemon, Minecraft, Barbie dolls and other famous characters.
  • Generate sketches.
  • Turning Sketches into pictures.
  • Generating tattoos.
  • Face swapping.
  • AI human characters.
  • Anime videos.
  • And much more.

This tool is continuously updating, adding more features and elements to it. You can access it on your Android and iPhone through the app. You can also open it on your Mac and Web Browser. It has an easy-to-use interface so you don’t need complex tutorials to understand it. Moreover, you can find various styles and categories in this ai anime generator. So, you can have simple and complicated illustrations of any kind through this tool.

Its anime generator also has an SDXL category. It is the stable diffusion model. It means it is an advanced AI model that checks your prompt in detail and creates realistic images with intricate details.  So, it ensures that your images are of high quality.

A simple tutorial on this tool will give you a good idea about it.

First of all, you need to go to the ZMO website. Sign up there to use this tool effectively.

ZMO website

You will see products written on the top. You need to click on it so that a menu can come in front of you.


AI anime generator is the second one on the list. You need to click on it. This will take you to a new page.

AI anime generator

On the new page, you can see it is asking you to start creating for free. So, you need to click on it to go to the next page.

start creating for free

The new page contains all the categories and styles. You can see various settings on it such as the number of images and resolution. You can find different categories and styles related to illustrations, art, characters, paintings, sketches and much more.

number of images and resolution

For album creation, I am selecting the “Free Form” category. My number of images will be four and the the resolution will be 640 pixels. You can give a reference image for album creation in the image output tab. Here, I am sticking to text prompts only.

Free Form

You can see the prompt and settings of mine in the above screenshot. After writing the prompt, I click on the Create button.


After a few moments, this AI tool gave me four illustrations. I can select any of them I like and can download them. For downloading, you click on the illustration. In the end, you can see the download option. Click on it and the image will start getting downloaded.



There is another amazing illustration AI gave me in response to this prompt:

amazing illustration

2.   Midjourney


Maybe, all of you have heard about Midjourney at some point in your life. It is the famous AI graphic designing tool that won the award in an art competition. You can get unique, high-quality art designs from this tool.

Currently, you can access Midjourney through Discord only. It is a beta tool so you can’t access it in the form of any app. On discord, you can have access to its editing toolkit and Best AI for Album Cover Generator album covert art generation feature. You need to give the prompt and it will generate four images for you. Now, you can edit or upscale them as you want.

The best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t create two similar album covers. So, you can have a unique cover design that no one would ever have.

Moreover, this tool has different preset templates. You can choose any template and can edit it according to your needs. Moreover, you can upload any local photo on it and can start editing it.

But, there are some issues with this tool. First of all, it is not free to use. You have to pay 10 dollars per month to use this tool.  Moreover, its interface is difficult to understand. You need a lot of tutorials to understand it. So, a lot of beginners avoid using this tool.

3.   PicsArt


PicsArt is another image generator tool that you can use Best AI for Album Cover Generator for album cover generation. You can give your prompt to this tool and it will provide you with album cover art within a few seconds.

There are different styles and categories in it. You can select any style and category you want for your album cover and it will give you the desired generation. You can also choose from different aspect ratios on this tool.

Moreover, you can edit your images by adding text, colors or filters. This tool gives you five free creations in a day. But, you may not be able to download your creation in PNG format. You need to be a paid member to download it. To get subscriptions, you can pay 13 dollars or 15 dollars per month.

4.   Fotor


Fotor is also an Anime Generator tool that creates different types of illustrations and photos. It can create minimalistic illustrations, graphics, tattoos, landscape pictures, anime characters and a lot more things. It is free to use so you don’t need to worry about money here.

This tool allows you to add a prompt related to your music album cover and it would create an attractive album cover design. You can also use different album cover templates to select and upgrade your designs.

You can also find different editing tools on this platform. These tools allow you to add different filters, effects, colors and texts on your album cover. Moreover, you can also choose different styles and categories of album covers to set them according to the mood of your music.

Features of Best Prompts for Album Cover

You must have noticed that prompts are crucial to have your favorite Best AI for Album Cover Generator. If your prompt is not of good quality, your art will also not be. So, some good features of prompts are:

  • You should have a clear understanding of the core aspects of your music. It includes whether your music is minimalistic or loud, and what is the theme and tone of your music.
  • Use descriptive language in your prompt.
  • You should give specific details about your music in the prompt.
  • You should balance flexibility with specifics. Don’t go into a lot of specific details that constrain the creativity of AI.
  • Don’t give extra or confusing information in your prompt.
  • If in your first attempt, AI doesn’t give you the desired results, you should make some changes in your prompt.


These are the four Best AI for Album Cover Generator album cover designs. These tools enable you to make attractive album covers if you give detailed and good prompts. ZMO is one of the best AI tools to generate album covers because it has advanced features, extensive categories in the library, and is easy to use. So, do give it a chance.