If you are interested in the world of artificial intelligence, you must have heard about Sora. In February of 2024, this AI tool was introduced in the market by OpenAI. Just like other AI tools and software of this company, people are expecting is Sora AI free? to be a revolutionary tool.

We all know how much ChatGPT is popular among its users. We all know the reliability of OpenAI tools but would Sora give the same level of reliability? Well, we are going to discuss it in this post.

What is Sora AI?

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It is a text-to-video AI tool that uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate lifelike videos from simple prompts. It is a major revolution in video creation because you can now create videos with a few clicks and within a few seconds. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a bunch of dollars for video creation now. You also don’t need an expert or video editing skills to use this tool. Just the basic knowledge and some tutorials are enough to use Sora and generate satisfying results from it.

It can create videos of up to one minute that would be of high resolution and contain professional aspects. It makes sure that the visual quality is maintained throughout the whole video. But, is Sora AI free?

The Current status is Sora AI free?

At this moment, Sora AI is not available to the public. There is a small team known as the “Red Team” that has access to is Sora Ai free? They are the team of cyber security tech who are using this tool to check its security aspect, limitations, and strong points. They want to make sure that Sora is safe for people to use and can give high-resolution results to the users.

Except for the Red Team, this tool is also accessible to a few filmmakers and content creators. These people are also checking the advancement of this tool and giving their feedback according to their usage. OpenAI may be making a lot of changes in this tool according to their feedback.

In this situation, it is not clear when OpenAI would open this tool for public use. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of this company interacted with the Wall Street Journal about this tool. When they asked Mira Murati about Sora, she replied that this software would be available for the public “this year” or “could be a few months”. It means the team is trying their best to launch Sora in 2024. But, there is no specific date or timeline regarding it.

Pricing of Sora

A lot of people want to know about the pricing of Sora but OpenAI hasn’t given any clear package related to it. They haven’t declared Sora to be used as a free tool or a paid one.

But, a lot of tech lovers and journals are assuming that OpenAI would price this tool as DALL-E. It is the text-to-image generator of this company and has gained a lot of fame among people. In this tool, you get 50 initial credits free and then 15 free credits each month. After that, you have to pay almost 15 dollars to get 115 credits. There are chances that the same pricing model will apply to Sora.

Now, you must want to know what is special about is Sora AI free?. So, I am going to discuss a few technical aspects of this AI software with you.

Features of Sora AI

Some of the amazing features of this tool are:

●     High-Resolution Video

You can create a life-like video from this AI tool. It can go into intricate details of video, taking care of resolution and quality of it. It can create a fluid motion in your video, taking care of shots and lighting in each aspect.

High-Resolution Video

●     Highly Realistic Videos

Sora excels at creating highly realistic characters and scenes. It makes sure to breathe life into characters and avatars. It is best for visual storytelling and creating ideal imaginary characters.

Highly Realistic Videos

●     Allowing Different Inputs

You can generate videos on this tool through text, video and image input. You can write descriptive text that can give you a detailed and realistic video. You need to make sure that your prompt is detailed and contains all the information you want in your video. Except for it, you can give any high-resolution picture to this tool and it would give you a video from it. You can give tons of pictures to this tool which you want in one video. Not only this, you can give an existing video to this tool and it would add advanced elements to it to make it more detailed and better.

●     Enabling Video Editing

There are a lot of chances that Sora would allow video editing too. You can manually edit and control your video on this tool. If you want to add any specific filter or effect to it, you can do it. If you want to add animation effects, typography, colour schemes and visual style, you can go for that too.

●     Collaboration Tools

This AI platform would have collaboration tools so that you can collaborate with different team members. If you want to work with your team on a video, you can do it easily through this tool.

●     Videos of Different Styles

It also enables videos of various styles and formats. So, you can have a widescreen or cinematic video with Sora. You can also make single shots and multiple shots videos from this tool to enhance the quality of it.

Best Alternative to Sora

Due to the uncertainty about its pricing model and when it would be launched publically,  people wanted to know the best alternative to is Sora ai free? Luckily, ZMO is also launching an AI Video Generator. This AI tool has more features than Sora, making it a strong competitor of it. You can use this tool for free when it is launched.

Best Alternative to Sora

At this moment, the ZMO.AI video generator has a waiting list where you can enroll yourself. In this way, you can get updates as soon as this tool is launched. So that you can use it for free.

Let’s see how you can be a part of its waiting list.

Use ZMO AI Video Generator

When you go on the website of ZMO.AI will see “Products” written at the top of its page. You need to click it.

Use ZMO AI Video Generator

When you do it, you will notice a menu. From that menu, you need to go to the “AI video generator” option.

AI video generator

When you click on the option, a new page will open. You can see the waiting list option on that page. Beneath that option, you will notice that a bar is present asking for your email. You need to put your email there so that you can be a part of its waiting list.

be a part of its waiting list.

Now, you must want to know the different features of the ZMO.AI video generator. So, let’s discuss it.

Features of ZMO.AI Video Generator

●     Various Inputs

You can give the input of text, images, and video in this tool to get advanced video in return. ZMO doesn’t require you to add advanced or complicated prompts to get the results. Simple two line prompts can also be sufficient to give satisfying results. Except for it, you can give your existing picture to it and this tool will add animation, filters and effects it to turn it into a lifelike video. You can also give it a low resolution video and it would turn it into a high-resolution and professional video.

Various Inputs

●     Detailed Videos

You can create multi-shot videos on ZMO without any difficulty. It can create simple and complex videos with detailed backgrounds and characters. Its multi-shot videos will contain flow, consistency, and realistic elements. It can meet the dynamic needs of storytelling by making sure that videos are engaging and contain amazing aspects to keep the viewers hooked till the end.

●     Video Editor

This tool is not only a video generator but a video editor too. It has a full toolset for everyone who wants to make changes to their videos manually. This toolset contains diverse filters, effects, background remover, background changer, adding 3D elements and animations in your video. Except for these, you can find various other tools too in this video editor.

●     Sizing Options 

You can size your videos according to the social media sizing requirements. It has presets for every social media platform and marketplace. So, you can make sure that your video will fit on the screen of your users, and will be SEO optimized for ranking on social media platforms.


AI video generation is changing the field of video creation and editing. These tools don’t need experience and skill to create professional videos. is Sora AI free? to leap video creation? But it’s uncertain pricing is making people anxious and they don’t know whether this AI software will be beneficial for them or not. On the other hand, ZMO is also determined to make a significant improvement in the field of video creation. Its tool also has amazing features giving a tight competition to is Sora AI free?, becoming the best and most reliable competitor it. Let’s see how both will change the face of the video creation industry.