NFT Art Generator

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NFT Art Generator

Train Your Own AI NFT Generator

Easiest way to create and customize your own style NFT art with AI studio. 

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NFT Art Creator
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ImgCreator.AI NFT Art Creator Key Features

Harness the power of AI to quickly and easily generate artworks that you can sell as NFT

Easily Create NFT Art Fast using AI

No need for Photoshop or painting ability. No more waiting for
paintings to be completed. ImgCreator.AI using the AI generation
algorithm to create your NFT in minutes. You can start with a few NFT
images to train a specific style for yourself, or you could use
text-to-image AI art to generate NFT art with nothing more than a word


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Customize the NFT model to your own style

Want to create a group of images with a unified aesthetic and structure? Want to customize AI art to a particular current fashionable style? With the help of, you can create millions of diverse photographs with a similar style by utilizing a model that has been trained with 15-20 initial images with a similar style. Note: This function is only available on mobile version in AI Studio currently

Full ownership of NFT art

You are the only owner of whatever you produce! Print these out and use them for your following NFT project. Your NFT creation is totally yours (provided you are or have permission from the copyright owner of the original image) and definitely ready to be sold as an NFT.   You can even create high resolution (up to 34 megapixel, that’s about double 4k resolution) downloadable NFT images to earn more money. Once you mint your NFT artwork through a blockchain, you can sell it in NFT marketplaces.

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How to Create NFT Art with

Step 1. Upload

Upload over 15 images from your NFT collection. Those images must be of the same collection or in a matching style.

Step 2. Drink Coffee

Give ImgCreator 20 minutes to train the chosen model for you

Step 3. Sell

Check the collection of NFT images generated for you, download them, and sell them as NFT on your chosen marketplace.

NFT Art Generator FAQs

Explore our products to learn more about your insurance options and in addition receive a quote from us.


NFT stands for Non-fungible Token. Non-fungible indicates that each token is unique and cannot be exchanged for another. A “fungible” token, in contrast, is interchangeable with any other. For instance, currency is fungible: one dollar equals one dollar, whereas artworks are non-fungible; they are unique and not interchangeable. NFT creators make unique, digital artwork hosted on a blockchain, making it non-fungible.
Yes, you can either utilize the text to image function or the ImgCreator AI studio to train your custom model to produce certain style NFT graphics.
Using ImgCreator.AI, there are several different ways to create NFT artworks.
  1. The first method, “AI studio,” is good at generating specific customized NFT style you upload. To train your own model, you simply need to upload 15-20 NFT collection photographs. After that, you can generate numerous NFT images with ease by using a variety of prompt controls.
  2. The second method, “Text to image,” is capable of producing amazing NFT artworks from nothing but a text prompt. Select your desired style, click “Create” on ImgCreator’s main menu and start your digital NFT design.You can also enhance, restore or upscale your generated images. The NFT generator will help you create NFTs that you can then sell.
No, ImgCreator is utilized to produce NFT artworks only. Then you can sell your creations on whichever NFT marketplace you like. Uncertain of where or how to sell? Do a search for “how do I sell NFT art?” You can share your NFT with the ImgCreator.AI community once you’ve created it and attach a link so that other users can buy it.
What sort of NFTs you intend to produce will determine this. The creation of NFT collections of characters that are all based on a single original figure and have several “layers” (hats, noses, clothing, etc.) characterizing each character is quite prevalent in the NFT field. could produce the fundamental layer elements mentioned above. You can generate each layered element using a different customized model. That means ImgCreator.AI will generate raw material assets for you, and then you can use other NFT tools to combine those set of layers to form the final collection.Instead, you can make entire collections of NFT images in which each component is entirely original (not built upon a preexisting foundation layer) and entirely new.

The first 60 photos created by ‘Text to inmage’ won’t be charged. But if you want to train your customized NFT model, you can purchase a model pack or subscribe to our service.

There are two costs that artists need to consider when creating an NFT.
  • The creation of the artwork is the actual expense. In, you can utilize the daily credits to create artwork for free every day, or you can pay to train your own personalized model for a particular NFT collection.
  • Minting your artwork to create an NFT adds further cost. According on the blockchain you choose to utilize (such as Ethereum, Tezos, etc.) and the “gas” rates are in effect when you mint your NFTs, the cost to mint one NFT changes.

Yes! We transfer any Copyright assignment to you–the creator, as long as you possess (or have permission to use) the original elements used to make your NFT artwork.To be sure, please check the copyright regulations in your own nation. AI-generated art is still subject to developing copyright regulations, and some jurisdictions will not recognize any copyright ownership at all.