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Face Generator

Create fake face using our AI face generator and it’s impossible to recognise it’s a fake person

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Protect your identity and worry free about legal stuff with generative photos

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Face Generator --Custom People Generator

We also offer an alternative method to produce artificial faces through our unique custom people generator. This tool lets you select various tags to tailor-make the persona you desire.

Log on to ImgCreator.AI and choose the “Custom People” feature. Carefully select the appropriate blend of tags that include skin color, gender, age, activity, and several others. Determine the number of images you wish to create, then click the generate button. ImgCreator.AI will create a representative image of a non-existent person, perfectly adhering to your selections. This process sidesteps any legal complications linked to using actual people’s likenesses.

Face Generator --Image to Image

Visit ImgCreator.AI and select the “Image Input” option. Upload a photo of the person you want to emulate. Next, pick “Photo in Style” and choose “Photo Variation” under Category. ImgCreator.AI will produce an image of an individual who doesn’t exist, but resembles the uploaded person. This mitigates any legal risks associated with using real-life likenesses.

Face Generator --Text to Image

Start your journey of face generator at the groundbreaking website, ImgCreator.AI. Once there, sift through the available options and select “Text Input”. This now leads you to the exciting part – it’s time to channel your creativity. Freely type a thorough description of a person’s physique and backstory – let your imagination run wild.

Once you’ve keyed in your detailed description, ImgCreator.AI springs into action. With its state-of-the-art AI capabilities, it rapidly digests your text and spawns an image. The truly extraordinary aspect is that the crafted image isn’t of an actual person. Instead, it manifests as a distinct rendering based solely on your creative text. Truly a compelling demonstration of modern AI technology.

Unlimited Customization for Face Generator

Select from age, gender, activity and location, or just type freeform text description

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" The platform is incredibly user-friendly and produces stunning, unique pieces that truly capture the essence of my ideas. I've already created several captivating works of fake faces to display in my Linkedin, and I can't wait to experiment further. "

John Doe

" As a website builder, I was initially skeptical about using an AI photo generation website, but after giving it a try, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. The generated photo is not only visually striking but also showcases an unparalleled level of creativity. "

Carla Wildner

" I stumbled upon this photo AI generation website while searching for inspiration, and it has exceeded all my expectations! This website has become an indispensable part of my creative journey. "

Kevin Kay

COO at Slack


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You can either input text to generate fake face, or upload image, or you can select tags using our custom person generator

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