AI Filter

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AI Filter

Unleash limitless style transfer with your portrait photos with ZMO AI Filter

apply AI cartoon filter to a female portrait in Fotor

AI Filter with A Variety of Styles

Turning photos into AI styles is easy like never before with the AI filters from ZMO

Snip20230912 120 min

Super beautiful and Realistic AI Portrait

Snip20230912 127 min e1694526413767

Highest quality AI Art Avartars Anime Colorful 5 min

Turn your photo into AI anime in a Snap

Stunning AI Portrait with hundreds of models

No need wasting time in a photo booth. Simply upload a few of your images to AI Studio and receive over 100 studio profile pictures within minutes:

  • Any movie character you want to be
  • Any amazing travel spot on the world you want to go
  • Any stunning makeup or clothes you want to wear

AI portrati filter will fulfill for you instantly

Snip20230912 119 min
Use AI Barbie filter to turn selfie into Bar 1024x683 min

AI Anime Filter / AI Manga Filter

Have you ever dreamt of transforming into an anime character? With ZMO’s new AI manga filter, this dream can quickly become a reality. Simply upload a portrait or picture – ZMO’s intelligent system will convert your photo into anime or manga style artwork in merely seconds. Give it a try and discover how effortless it is to craft your own anime AI art using ZMO!

AI Art Filter: Turn Portrait into Art Avatars

ZMO also covers stunning quality AI art style portrait maker for people who love AI art avatars.

Isn’t it amazing? Any image can be transformed into AI art. It’s the magic of AI filters at work. Whether it’s a portrait, a selfie, or any other kind of picture, you can employ AI art filters to convert it into a breathtaking piece of art in mere seconds. Come and experience the enchanting capabilities of AI art filters for yourself.

Snip20230912 125 min

Best Quality AI Filter

Unlimited Styles

Over than 100+ AI Anime character styles model for you to use


Supports pose, contour, and depth control, among others

Highest Quality

Significant effort exerted in refining the detail of AI character generation

Free Generations Available

You will receive ten times generation at no cost every day

How to use AI filter

Supported by a sophisticated character creation model, our AI filter generator crafts various styles you dreamed about

Snip20230912 118 min

AI Filter FAQ

How do I use AI filter on photos?
  • Log in to ImgCreator.AI
  • Select AI Portrait
  • Upload 6-12 photos
  • Choose the style you want
  • Wait 20 mintues for the results
What AI filter is everyone using?

Most people love AI portrait photo for filter, like swap clothes, makeup or background, but still like realistic photo.

Other people like AI anime or AI manga style,, which transition themselves into anime world

What is AI filter?

An AI filter is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create anime-style or art-style or real photo style pictures automatically from people’s portrait photo.

ZMO.AI’s AI filter is one such tool that allows users to create AI portrait quickly and easily. Users can choose to create anime from text descriptions or upload an image to use as a reference. With ZMO.AI, anyone can create beautiful anime artwork without any drawing skills.

Is there a free AI filter
  1. Open the official website of ImgCreator.AI and select the Text to Image option.
  2. Select Anime style filter or Emoji style filter
  1. Select the number of outputs you want and the option of aspect ratios, resolution and so on.
  2. Click on the Generate option to get the results.

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