It is so annoying that you take a perfect shot and it turns out to be blurry. You do everything good but the aesthetic value of the picture got compromised because of the blurriness. Now, what can you do?

Well, a lot of you may have done the whole struggle of setting objects, persons and phone angels to take another photo. Some may have used complicated and expensive software to How to use ai to unblur image.

But, now it is not difficult to get sharp images. You can do it easily through AI tools. Various free AI tools can enhance the quality of your images and unblur them without wasting any moment.

You may want to know more about it in this article. So, let’s discuss it in detail.

How AI Unblur an Image?

AI’s system is based on advanced algorithms and neural networks. It is trained on different images and data present online. So, it has vast knowledge about images and other data.

It has an inpainting mode in it. This inpainting mode can study How to use ai to unblur image of your pictures and fill in the missing parts they found in your picture. It involves adding or removing any object and enhancing the quality of your image.

How AI Unblur an Image?

They are trained based on clear and blurry images. So, they know what a sharp and clear picture looks like. When you give them any blurry images, they study them and compare them with their data. So, they found the blurriness in your image.

Now, they will use the inpainting mode to repair your picture. According to their knowledge, they will make your image clear and sharp. In this way, you can have unblurry images within a few seconds.

A small tutorial on How to use ai to unblur images will help you understand this whole process.

How to Use AI to Unblur Image?

I am using the ZMO face swap tool to unblur the image. This tutorial will help you understand how to use AI to unblur image. Moreover, it would give you some insights about the ZMO AI tool too.

First of all, you need to go to the ZMO website and sign up there to make your account.

ZMO website

You will see Products written on the top. You need to click on it so that a drop down menu will come. You can see different features of ZMO. These are all the things this tool is offering to its users.


You will see an AI anime generator option in the list. It is the second one. You need to click on it so that a new interface will come.

AI anime generator

This new page will ask you to start creating anime for free. You click on the option and get on the new page.

creating anime for free

In this new page, you can see various categories. These categories and styles are related to the Anime generation. You can see how many types of anime characters and illustrations you can create on ZMO.


In these categories, you can see the Swap Anything option in the above menu. It is after the Image and Text input option. You should click on it to get to the new page.

Swap Anything

In this new page, you need to upload the picture you want to unblur. When you click on the blue button, it will ask you to upload the photo from the gallery.

upload the picture

Now, it will ask you to select the area you want to change. You need to blue mask the area. Here, I am blue masking her face because I want it more clear rather than blurry.

blue mask the area

You should also give the prompt with it. Explain the problem and what you want in detail in your prompt. Moreover, you will see some settings below the page. You need to do the settings too. These are related to the number of outputs you want from your prompt and what should be the resolution of them. Moreover, you should increase the image reference strength to 100 percent.

detail in your prompt

Now, after confirming the mask, you should click on the Create button. This would generate the result you want.

Four results are here and you can download any of them.



For downloading, click on the variation and the download option will come under it. Click on it to save it in your gallery.


The final result is here:

final result

So, this is a small tutorial for unblurring your images. You can see how much AI has made everything easy.

Now, you have seen a lot of categories and functions of the ZMO tool while going through the tutorial. So, I am going to discuss it a bit more in this article about How to use ai to unblur images.

Some Features of ZMO

Let’s discuss some features of ZMO.

  • Background Changer: You can remove the background of your image and can add a new one in its place. There are different background options in ZMO.
  • Enhancing Your Image: You can enhance the quality of your image by adding different filters and effects in it. AI can also enhance the quality of your image automatically.
  • Illustrations Generations: If you want vectors, book covers, graphics and other kinds of illustrations, you can generate it on ZMO. You can give any image for reference or can give a text prompt to the tool.
  • Logo Generation: You can generate different logos too through this tool.
  • Resizing: You can enhance your image by resizing it. You can set it according to different social media preset templates.
  • Anime Generation: You can create different kinds of anime characters through ZMO. It involves Pokemon characters, Barbies, Minecraft characters and much more.
  • Video Generation: You can generate different kinds of anime videos on this tool.
  • Removing Objects from Background: You can remove different objects from your image’s background through its magic remover.

At this moment, ZMO is expanding your images so a lot of new features are added to it. Currently, it also has launched a new app which is Creati. This app is also helpful in unblurring the images and fixing different errors in it. With it, this tool is planning to add a lot of other features too in the future.

Other AI Tools for Unblurring Images

There are other AI tools too to unblur your images and make them more sharp and focused. Let’s discuss some of them.

1.   Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

A lot of people prefer using Adobe Photoshop for unblurring the image. Because it has a strong editing toolkit for this purpose. You can unblur your image like a professional within a few seconds. There are various ways of unblurring images on this tool so that you can have satisfying results. Smart Sharpening and Unsharp Mask are the two famous tools for unblurring in Abode.

You can use this tool without an internet connection. Moreover, different Abode tools are synced with it, meeting all of your graphic designing and editing needs.

However, the issue is that the tool is complicated to use and understand. It would help if you spent time and energy watching different tutorials on it. Moreover, it is expensive. So, if you just want to How to use ai to unblur images, it is not an ideal option.

2.   Canva


You all may know about Canva. This tool is famous among social media marketers and graphic designers because it provides different design options and formats. It can meet all of your graphic design needs.

This tool is available in app form so you can use it on your mobile. It has a free version. It is also user-friendly so you can learn it easily without doing different tutorials like How to use ai to unblur images with using Canva free tools.

It has launched different AI tools in it. Some of them are Magic Write, Magic Remover, Magic Design and much more. Among them, there is the option of sharpening your picture. But, you need a paid subscription to get access to this feature. Its free version only gives you limited access.

3.   Fotor


Fotor is another AI tool for unblurring your image. You don’t need to download any software to use this tool. Like ZMO, it has different features related to picture generation and editing. So, you can perform a lot of tasks on it.

Its AI tool can automatically unblur your image so you don’t need to do anything manually here. It has a free trial so you can perform the task without any worries.

You just need to upload your picture and Fotor will give you the results you want within a few seconds. But, you need an Internet connection to access this tool. Moreover, it has a paid subscription for a lot of its features. So, if you want to perform different tasks on it, you need to pay.


So, unblurring an image is not difficult anymore. You can do it easily with just a few clicks. AI has advanced tools to make this project a nonexistent issue. There are various tools for this purpose but you should give ZMO a try. Follow it’s tutorial to get amazing results.


Can we unblur images on iOS?

Yes, ZMO has an app for iOS users. You can unblur your images through this tool.


Can we unblur images on Android?

Yes, you can do it through the ZMO app.


Is ZMO free to use?

Yes, it has a limited free version. You have to pay to get access to some of its features.