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Room Planner

Best AI Room Planner Online for Free powered by cutting edge AI

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How do I plan my room layout using AI

Simply upload your room photo and select style filter


Upload room photo


Select Room Type


Select Design Style

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Room planning done in seconds

Transform Your Space Like Never Before with AI

Interior AI Designer

Easiest Room Planner Online with stunning visualization

Stop paying huge amount of money to interior designers or learn complicated 3D design app, use room planner powered by AI to expedite your room planning to seconds, with endless styles to choose from. You can also type in text to describe your room style if more customization needed. Kitchen 2
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Interior AI Designer

Turn Your Dream Home into Reality

Instantly gain access to hundreds of innovative and aesthetically pleasing interior design ideas for your room, absolutely free of charge.

Interior AI Designer

High conversion photo on Airbnb & Social Media

Transform the snapshot of your disorganized room taken on your smartphone into a polished, professional-grade Airbnb listing photograph. It's easy, efficient, and requires just a single click. 2023 04 07T164840.381 min

They love us. You will too

I used to spend a crazy amount of time and dough on traditional photoshoots and editing, but AI Room Planner has made my life a whole lot easier. No need to mess around with all that when I can just generate and customize elements in the images with a few clicks. It's really a time-saver, and I can quickly adapt to the latest trends and what edit my content accordingly.
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It’s a pretty good AI Room Planner, I’ve paid a lot to online designer before and they don't get what I want always. This AI is so easy for me to turn my dream house into reality and super fit for finding inspirations. Much better than my designers
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This is quite incredible! I actually spent a lot of money to re-design my room, but know we can do it automatically! This is what AI brings us! Let's enjoy the new era!
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Yash Mangyu

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Thanks to ZMO's cutting edge AI, you can AI virtual shooting now with any background


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Remove the background of your image automatically


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Generate realistic, studio-quality background with one click


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Generate endless similar images variations which are unique

Room Planner FAQ

What is Room Planner

ZMO’s Room Planner can re-design a room using AI instantly. You just need upload a photo of your own room and select style, then you can get your ideal designs

Is the Room Planner free?

Yeah, ZMO’s Room Planner has 10 free credits every day. You can even edit the generated results after it’s created. Yet, if you need high-resolution results, you will need a Pro membership.

How do I plan my room layout?

Simply upload the photo to Room Planner Online and select the preferred room style filter, or type in the room description. Then AI will handle the rest and generate realistic room design for you instantly.

Can I use generated room plan for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use images generated on this website for both personal and commercial purposes, including design, marketing materials, social media content, and more. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary rights to use the images you upload.