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3D AI Anime Creator

ZMO.AI Anime Generator can bring your imagination to life and create charming characters in any style you desire

Why Choose ZMO AI Anime Generator

Daily Free Generation Credits

You will receive ten free generations each day.

Various styles to choose

There are more than 100 AI anime character styles model for you to use

Highest Quality

Significant effort has been placed on refining the details of AI-generated anime characters

Best Control tools

Supports pose, contour, depth control and more.

Turn Photo to Anime

Ever pondered your look in an anime universe? ZMO’s AI-powered anime character creator can transform you into an anime character in just a few seconds! Simply upload your selfies or portraits, and witness the marvel of our AI tool as it enchantingly converts your images into anime avatars. You can also generate new anime characters by dragging and dropping images onto ZMO. Enjoy the enchanting world of anime creation effortlessly and instantly!

Generate AI Anime With Prompt

Creating anime or vtuber avatars requires no traditional painting skills with ZMO’s AI anime generator. This tool allows users to generate AI anime art free of charge. Simply input a prompt that matches the description of your desired anime art, and the AI will produce unique and captivating images that align with your specifications. Experiment with it and discover the simplicity of generating breathtaking anime art from text!

3D AI Anime Creator

The 3D style is becoming popular in graphic design. Our online anime character tool lets anyone make 3D anime characters too. This tool helps you make your own very lively 3D characters. No special skills are needed to make a 3D character. Even if you’re just starting, you can use ZMO’s online AI Anime character generator easily.

Create Full Body Anime Characters

Aside from 3D AI anime, ZMO’s free anime character tool also lets you create full body anime characters. You get to choose if it’s male or female, their clothing, hairstyle, and more, based on what you describe in ZMO’s AI anime tool. Hit the button and start making your anime character right away!

How to generate an AI Anime character

Backed up by an advanced character-making model, our AI Anime character generator creates an Anime character you desire from the entered descriptions. 

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AI Anime Generator FAQ

What is the AI Anime Generator?

ZMO’s AI Anime Character Generator tool allows you to generate characters based on your input prompts and descriptions. Backed up by cutting-edge artificial inteeligence, you can make and create your own characters with ease.

Can I use the AI Anime Generator for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use any images you generate for commercial use. 


How to generate an AI Anime character
  1. log in to ImgCreator.AI
  2. Type a word or set of words on the text field. You can combine several words with or without commas.
  3. Click on ‘Generate’ and watch pictures appear on your screen based on your text!
How do I generate AI Anime characters from text?

Type a word or set of words on the text field and click ‘Generate Image’. You will see the AI generated image in seconds! Download your image and share.

How can I use the generated AI Anime Characters?

You can use our character generator to create characters for storytelling videos, branding, social media, game developments, and more.

How to make AI Anime character free?

Yes! You can use ImgCreator.AI Character Generator for free every day

How do I make my own AI Anime character

Of course, you can go to this website to use text or upload an image to make your own AI Anime character –

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