Character Generator

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Character Generator

Design and customize your characters with no restrictions using ZMO Character Generator

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Best Character Generator Online

Free Daily Generation

You will get 10 times generation for free daily

Infinite styles to choose

More than 100+ AI character styles model to choose from

Highest Quality

Large effort made on details refine of ai characters generation

Finest Control

Pose control, contour control, depth control etc. supported

Generate Different Types of AI Characters

ZMO.AI Character Generator can bring your imagination to life and create stunning characters in any style you desire

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AI Gaming Character

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AI Anime Character

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AI Fantacy Character

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AI Cartoon Character

AI Gaming Character

ZMO AI character maker goes beyond 2D designs and allows you to create 3D characters. With Character Generator, you can bring to life a wide range of 3D characters, from lifelike humans to imaginative creatures, animals, cartoons, and fantastical beings. Whether you’re developing a video game, or online game, or virtual reality project, the generator offers an array of 3D render character options to enhance your work.

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AI Anime Character

Anime characters have a unique charm and appeal that captivates fans around the world. With ZMO AI character generator, you can easily customize various aspects such as facial features, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and even the character’s pose and expression by providing textual descriptions. This enables you to create protagonists, side characters, or even villains that align with different artistic preferences and storytelling needs.

AI Fantacy Character

Step into the realm of fantasy and unleash your imagination with ZMO AI character generator. Whether you’re envisioning mythical creatures, epic warriors, or enchanting beings, the tool can help you bring these creatures to life. Specify the physical characteristics of your creature, and witness your mythical creature emerge from the depths of your imagination.

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AI Cartoon Character

Cartoon characters play a pivotal role in various mediums, including animations, illustrations, comics, branding, and more. They possess a delightful and playful quality that can enhance any creative project. At ZMO AI Character Generator, you have the freedom to make cartoon characters with exaggerated features and vibrant colors that bring life to your ideas.

How to generate an AI character

Backed up by an advanced character making model, our AI character generator creates a character you desired from entered descriptions. 

AI Anime

Character Generator FAQ

What is the AI for generating characters?

ZMO AI Character Generator tool allows you to generate characters based on your input prompts and descriptions. Backed up by cutting-edge artificial inteeligence, you can make and create your own characters with ease.

Can I use the AI character generator for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use any images you generate for commercial use. 


How to generate an AI character
  1. log in to ImgCreator.AI
  2. Type a word or set of words on the text field. You can combine several words with or without commas.
  3. Click on ‘Generate’ and watch pictures appear on your screen based on your text!
How do I generate characters from text?

Type a word or set of words on the text field and click ‘Generate Image’. You will see the AI generated image in seconds! Download your image and share.

How can I use AI-generated Characters?

You can use our character generator to create characters for storytelling videos, branding, social media, game developments, and more.

How to make AI character free?

Yes! You can use ImgCreator.AI Character Generator for free every day

How do I make my own character

Of course, you can go to this website to use text or upload an image to make your own AI character –

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