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Blur Background

Blur Background online to highlight your photo subject and create incredible depth for free online

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AI Smart Focus

ZMO's background blur tool surpasses ordinary blurring by incorporating AI Smart Focus. It can automatically discern which parts should stay in focus and which ones should blend with the background. Whether you're seeking to obscure an image, soften a photo, or blur a background on your iPhone, this tool meets your needs seamlessly.


Personalize your blur background

Alter the degree of blur in your photo's background to enhance its appeal. Increasing the blur renders your image more abstract with a bokeh effect. Conversely, using less blur results in a softer and hazy ambiance, imbuing a natural aesthetic.

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Quality Photo Background Blurring

Utilize ZMO's Blur Background tool's professional photo blurring feature to conceal your locations and those around you in order to safeguard your privacy. Effortlessly blur images and their backgrounds, causing extraneous elements to recede into the backdrop.

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Used Background Blur for a while; this one's a good match. Downloaded free 1000px preview image. Basic editor is interesting, worth a try!
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The cut-out edges are accurate and smooth, pleasantly surprised. No need for Photoshop, a fast background blur tool at last.
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Impressed by its skill in handling unruly hair while maintaining a polished image
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