AI-generated art refers to the artwork that is created through the assistance of artificial intelligence.

With the emergence of AI art generators, people have been fascinated by its immense potential. This fascination is evident from the fact that search queries related to AI art on Google have reached a massive 368,000 per month.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of creating AI art for free using ImgCreator.AI, providing you with step-by-step instructions.

In this article:

What is AI Art Generator?

Where to Access AI Art Generators

How to Use AI Art Generators

How to Get Better AI Art Results

What is AI Art Generator?

Using artificial intelligence technology, AI art generators are capable of generating artwork from text alone.Within a matter of seconds, over two masterpieces that fulfill your desired specifications can be generated.

Among the numerous AI tools available, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion are some of the most popular ones. Midjourney is renowned for its intricate artistic paintings, DALL-E excels in realism and editing capabilities, while Stable Diffusion is recognized for its flexibility.

However, in this blog, I would like to introduce another powerful tool called ImgCreator.AI, which is not only free but also incorporates all of the aforementioned functions.

Where to Access AI Art Generator?

Midjourney offers its services through the Discord app, while Stable Diffusion requires installation on your computer.

On the other hand, both ImgCreator.AI and DALL-E can be easily accessed via a website without the need for any complicated downloads or applications.

How to Generate AI Art For Free

Text To Image



Start by providing a detailed description of what you envision.

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Then, review and select the suggested categories and style for additional direction. If you prefer greater flexibility, freeform mode is also available.

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After choosing preferred canvas size, resolution, and number of images, two amazing pictures based on your specifications will be generated.

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Image To Image


To achieve a result that is tailored to your exact specifications, begin by uploading a reference image.

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Next, adjust the strength number of the reference image to determine how close the outcomes resemble the original image.

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select categories and styles relevant to your desired look or explore freeform mode for more unrestricted options. 

Once a preferred canvas size, resolution and number of resulting images are settled, the artwork pieces meeting your specific requirements will be generated.

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How to Get Better AI Art Results

As a new comer, you may worried that you are unable to use prompt (keywords) accurately,then the results will be disappointing.

The following are the skills I have summarized ​

Scene description = [adjective/adverb + subject] + background description + details
You need to describe as clearly as possible what you want to present: the background, the details. Different specific descriptions and styles will directly determine the effect of the picture.
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A portrait of koala ,wearing sunglasses, close up,real photo
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A portrait of koala in parachute gear,wearing sunglasses,sitting on the grass, real photo
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A  cartoon koala in parachute gear, wearing sunglasses,sitting on the grass

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A koala wearing sunglasses in the forest, illustration for children.

Tips and Tricks

Due to the different algorithm models, if you blindly pile up the "mantras" that are commonly used in other products, such as octane rendering, plasma, it may be counterproductive.

At the same time, your description also needs to be consistent with the category and style you choose. For example, if you choose the style of "Van Gogh", while your aim is to generate a realistic photo, the final result may not be satisfying.

If you want to enrich the details of the characters, you can add "close-up".​

Too complex, lengthy descriptions may generate incorrect pictures and texts.​

Your Questions, Answered.(FAQ)

Q: What’s required to get started?

A:  You can log in to the Imgcreator website and use all its features just by using your email.
Q: It ImgCreator.AI free?
A: Free preview results are available for most of the features. For example, we provide FREE small resolution background removal results.
For HD result, you can download with pro credits. Upon successful registration as a new user, you will get 20 free credits automatically. You can also share with your friends on social media to get 8 free credits for every referral after registration.
Q: What is pro credit?
A: Credits are virtual currency for using the services offered by ImgCreator, such as downloading full resolution images after background removal. They can be used on ImgCreator.AI webpage.