How to remove background from image

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How to remove your background from image

Upload your photo ZMO’s AI photo editor and ZMO’s AI photo editor will remove your background from image automatically. Easy use for background remove with one click.

How to remove background from image exmaple

How to remove background from image

Quick and easy using the function for remove background from the image with 3 steps by ZMO’s AI photo editor

Quickly background remove

Remove Background With Amazing Speed

The remove background feature of ZMO is backed by an accurate removal algorithm, easiest background remover making it simple to eliminate white backgrounds from images and even remove backgrounds from complex images. ZMO’s background eraser can detect the main subject of an image and automatically remove the background online without any cost. You don’t have to possess Photoshop skills to remove backgrounds, as ZMO enables you to obtain transparent background images quickly.

Precisely background remove for good result

ZMO’s background remover empowers you to tailor your transparent png to perfection, courtesy of its enchanted eraser and pencil. Retain the desired area while dismissing any unnecessary parts. What’s more, ZMO’s background remover makes it possible to isolate subjects from their backgrounds, even when it comes to intricate hair and fur textures. Meticulously refine your transparent images for a visually stunning impact.

ZMOs AI background generator 2
photo background remove

Remove background from your product to enhance

For the e-commerce business, there are some annoying problem about how to remove and change background color. For the further question, change background is also a function that people need. In the ZMO’s AI photo editor after you remove the background and you can change background. In a word, it can ensure your product get the best performance in short time .

Try Background Remover On Phone Now!

ZMO's photo editing with AI photo editor

Now, ZMO’s photo studio app is available in app store. You can remove background from image and edit your photo anytime and everywhere.Get ready to unlock new possibilities with ZMO’s remove bg app! Simply download the app and start creating transparent background images. Give it a try today and discover the endless opportunities it has to offer!



Can I remove background from image free?

Absolutely, this tool is free of charge, and any image you upload remains under your own trademark.It offers a platform for you to express your creativity and achieve professional-level results without spending any money. Unlike other professional design tools that can be expensive and difficult to use, this tool provides excellent results at no cost.

Is it possible to make images transparent?

This tool not only lets you remove specific backgrounds from image files, but also enables you to overlay transparent images onto existing ones. Once you’ve removed the background layers to make the image transparent, downloading the image is easy. This gives you a blank canvas for further edits on your computer, if necessary. As a result, when you upload the image back to your website, it can have a completely different look.

What are the common use for AI background remover?

Product Images: Improve the attractiveness of your products by removing the backgrounds from their photos. This will eliminate unnecessary distractions and allow you to display clearer and more professional images.

Marketing Photos: When you’re creating marketing materials, you may need a quick and efficient method to remove backgrounds and speed up your graphic design process. This tool is the solution you’re looking for.

Logos: If you need to use a logo but can’t find a version with a transparent background in the image repository, don’t worry. You can use this tool to obtain the exact format you need.

Vacation Pictures: Easily remove unwanted objects or people from your holiday photos without using a separate photo editor. Perfect your vacation images with simplicity and effectiveness.

Consistent Images: If you want to create a photo montage but struggle with inconsistencies in the backgrounds, you can achieve a uniform appearance by removing those backgrounds.

Staff Photos: If your business requires photos of each staff member for IDs or websites, this tool ensures a consistent background for everyone. It works especially well when you need to incorporate company logos into the background.

All in all, this tool is a great asset for website designers who aim to create a unique visual style with their images. By removing the background, you gain the flexibility to adapt the images for any desired purpose.

How do I remove unwanted item?

After you upload the image you will get a image without background. Click the layer and the right sidebar you will find the Magic remove button. Click and remove your unwanted item.

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