Let’s suppose you take a snap in a square format. But now, you want to print it and it requires it to be in landscape mode. Now, what would you do?

Well, in the past, this task required extensive image editing skills. But now, AI image resizers or expanders have made the lives of people easy. You can easily How to expand images using ai beyond its frames, enhancing the aesthetic quality of your picture. So, you don’t need to fret about low-resolution images anymore.

You all may have heard about AI tools regarding image and video generation. But now, you can expand and resize your images too. These tools have an outpainting model that is best for image expansion.

Let’s discuss this aspect of AI tools in detail in this blog. With it, I will give you a tutorial on image expansion too.

Understanding the AI Image Expander

You may want to know more about image expanders so let’s discuss them. These tools use Stable Diffusion and outpainting models to stretch the picture and recover the objects outside the frame. Outpainting involves doing things outside of the original frame of an image while sustaining the quality of your picture.

Understanding the AI Image Expander

It uses advanced algorithms to enhance the size of the image, fill details outside of the frame, and improve the aesthetic aspect of the picture without compromising the quality of your picture. You can expand the existing pixels of your image without compromising them.

Stable Diffusion makes sure that your picture remains high resolution. In this way, it can attract the eyes of more people and can appeal to them.

As you all know, AI tools can do every task within just a few seconds. So, for image expansion, you just need to give instructions, click on the tool and it will give you results within a few seconds. The tutorial in this blog will make this point more clear to you How to expand images using ai.

Why Do You Need Image Expansion?

Before going into the tutorial, you must want to know why you need How to expand images using ai. What is the purpose and where can you apply it? Well, this tool has a lot of applications you should know.

1.   Making Pictures Aesthetically Appealing

Expanding images can create a balance and make the picture aesthetically appealing. You would have a large background in your expanded picture so the main product and subject in it would stand out. This will highlight your product, enabling the post to get more engagement on social media.

2.   Optimizing Image Quality

You all know that different social media platforms have different aspect ratios. Whether you want to publish your picture on any social media platform, blog, website or in print form, you need different sizes of the image. Images of high quality and perfect sizes on a social media platform are best for SEO.

So, AI image expanders can give you images of different sizes in a few minutes without compromising the quality of it.

3.   Clean Backdrop in Portrait Photography

If you expand your portrait photos, it would eliminate the distractions in the background. So, it would create a clean backdrop. In this way, you can emphasize the subject’s features and expressions.

4.   Creating Depth in Landscape Photography

If you enhance your landscape photographs, it will create a sense of depth and scale in it. This is especially true for architectural and natural sceneries.

5.   Enhancing Your Products

If you are in eCommerce and take snaps of your products, you must want to showcase your products in a clutter-free environment. You can do it by enhancing your product’s background. This would make sure that your product stands out in the picture, focusing on its qualities and details.

6.   Printing Photos

You take a picture on your phone and now you want to print it. But, the resolution of your image is not enough to be printed. You need a large picture for the printing. In this case, AI image expanders can be a lifesaver. They can enhance your image for printing.

So, these are six reasons you need How to expand images using ai. Now, let’s discuss a brief tutorial of it to understand it in detail.

How to Expand Images Using AI?

For the tutorial on How to expand images using ai, I am using ZMO. It is an AI tool that can do various graphic designing tasks for creators, influencers and business owners. You can use this free AI tool in app form on Android and iOS. Moreover, you can use it on Mac and Web Browser too.

This AI tool can generate anime characters, game characters and other types of illustrations. These illustrations include logos, sketches, book covers, Barbie, Pokemon characters and much more. It also can generate videos through text, images and video prompts.

With it, you can expand the images through an Image resizer. This tool contains a lot of preset templates for different social media platforms that can make the process of resizing and expanding easy. You can optimize your images for different social media platforms without any worries.

First of all, you need to go to the ZMO website. Sign up there to use this tool.

ZMO website

You will see Products written on the top. When you click on it, a drop-down menu will come up.

drop-down menu

You will see an AI photo editor option on the top. Click on it to get to the new page.

AI photo editor

This new page is asking you to Try AI Photo Editor. So, you need to click on it to get to the new page.

Try AI Photo Editor

On this new page, it will ask you to upload the photo. You need to upload the picture you want to expand.

upload the photo

When you upload it, a new interface will come. This new interface contains a lot of features. You can see all those features in the side panel.


Now, there are a lot of ways to expand your image. The first one is to use the blue pointers to expand it manually. You can click on your image and these blue pointers will appear on the screen. You can browse over these blue markers, expanding them as you want. I did it and this was the result.

expand it manually

You can do it when you simply want to expand your image for any graphic designing needs, or any aesthetic aspect. The second way is through preset templates. Let’s suppose you want to upload your image on Instagram, Facebook or other social media accounts. For that, you want to resize your image. So, for this, you need to check the templates in the social networks option.

preset templates

Click on any template you want. Here, I am clicking on the Instagram story option.

Instagram story option



You see the white space behind the image. You need to expand your image through blue pointers to fit into this white space. In this way, your image will be optimized for Instagram.

expand your image through blue pointers

This is the final result. You need to download it now and save it in your gallery.

What Other Tasks ZMO Can Perform?

Except for How to expand images using ai, ZMO can perform various other tasks too for social media influencers, content creators and eCommerce business owners. Some of these are:

  • Changing Backgrounds: ZMO can change the background of your image. There are different free stock background images on the tool. Also, you can add your customized ones too.
  • Removing Objects from Images: If there is any unwanted image in your background, you can remove it.
  • Making Marketing Content: You can turn your simple product images into marketing content with the help of ZMO.
  • Making Anime Pictures: You can create different anime pictures such as Pokemon, Barbie, Minecraft and others. There are different styles and categories related to it on the tool.
  • Making Logos: You can design logos by giving text prompts to AI, or any image reference of an existing logo.
  • Making illustrations: You can create vector illustrations, book cover designs and other kinds of illustrations.
  • Making Videos: You can create different types of short-form videos through this tool too.
  • Creating Sketches: You can turn your pictures into sketches or create different pencil sketches on this tool. It is helpful for all those who are into sketches.
  • Sharpening your Images: It can sharpen your blurred images too.
  • AI Human: You can make your AI human face on this tool too. You need to give instructions and it will give you a customized avatar
  • Turning your Pictures into Professional Ones: It has an app known as Creati App. You can use this app to convert your casual pictures into professional ones. It would give you different options for poses, outfits, filters and other elements.

So, these are a few things ZMO can do for you. This tool is still updating, adding more and more features to it. So, soon you can take a lot more benefits from this AI tool.


In short, enhancing an image has become a piece of cake due to AI tools. You can resize your images to enhance their quality and aesthetic value with just a few clicks. In the tutorial on How to expand images using ai, we can use ZMO.AI tools. ZMO.AI has more features and image styles. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours and hours in image resizing and enhancement. Now, AI image enhancers are doing these tasks in a few seconds. You have seen this thing in the tutorial of ZMO. You have seen how easy it is to enhance the image. So, do give this tool a try.