There are almost 1.1 billion active monthly users of Instagram, making it a popular social media platform. Growing on it is hard but worth it because you can get access to a large audience through it. Brands, influencers, and service givers are using it to expand their reach and business.

To get recognized on Instagram, you need a healthy mix of static photos and reels, also you need a proper guide on how to generate Instagram reels using AI. The Instagram algorithm favours reels so you should have it in your content. The platform will show it on the Explore page so that more and more people can find it.

But, creating a video takes a lot of time. You need to spend hours brainstorming and creating reliable Instagram reels. A lot of people don’t have this much time. So, what should we do?

Well, AI video generators have made the lives of people easy. You can generate 10 or 20 Instagram reels with just a few clicks. Within one or two hours, you will have a bunch of videos.

Now, how to generate Instagram reels using AI? Well, let’s discuss it in detail in this blog.

Brainstorming Instagram Reels Ideas

The first thing you should do is brainstorm ideas for your Instagram reels. AI will not do this for you so you have to do some research to find an amazing idea. Some ways to brainstorm Instagram reels are:

Brainstorming Instagram Reels Ideas

  • Checking any viral video or trend. There would be any trendy audio or video getting famous on Instagram. You can recreate it or use the audio in your video.
  • Research your competitors to find what type of content they are making. You shouldn’t copy it but just get an idea.
  • Search Quora and Reddit to find what type of questions people are asking in your industry. You can make a video answering that question.
  • Check your Instagram insights to find what previous post resonates with your audience more. You can repurpose it.
  • You can convert your famous blog into a video.
  • You can convert your long-form video into Instagram reels.
  • You can convert your frequently asked questions into a series of videos.

These are some ideas which you can use to make Instagram reels. Now, you have an idea, so you can use AI tools to How to generate Instagram reels using AI.

How to Generate Instagram Reels Using AI?

You can use an AI tool to do the following things for your video.

  • Content creation
  • Voiceover or sound addition
  • Captions
  • Video editing

AI uses an artificial intelligence system to generate reels within a few clicks. You can give your prompt, photo or video to it so that it can generate a video according to your instructions.

A lot of AI tools accept only prompts. They analyze your prompt, use their machine learning system, and create a video according to your instructions. Some tools accept reference pictures and videos from you too. You give them these outputs along with some textual instructions. They create reels according to the text and your references.

These tools also have extensive editing features. You can use those features to enhance the quality and attractiveness of your reel. If you don’t like AI-generated video from your prompt, you can manually edit it through the toolkit and also learn how to generate Instagram reels using AI. This toolkit may include texts, transitions, animations and much more. Each tool’s editing toolkit varies from the other.

Moreover, some tools have the feature of generating captions too. These captions are important because a lot of people prefer watching videos in mute mode. So, caption reading can be helpful for them.

You can also find the library of sounds too. There are a lot of free stock sounds that you can use in your videos. Also, you can add voiceovers to your videos.

There are a lot of AI tools in the market. So, you should be careful when choosing any AI tool. I am going to discuss four AI video generators with you so that you can compare them and choose from them.

1.   Synthesia


You don’t need any sort of manual editing in this AI reel generator. Synthesia tool automates the whole process so you don’t need to do any sort of effort in it. You can generate reels with just a few clicks.

There are talking heads or avatars in this tool. These avatars speak and act like humans in your video. So, if you don’t want to show your face in your reels, this tool can be a life savior for you. You can also clone your voice in the voiceovers. It will save you from recording voiceovers too.

Synthesia has almost 150 avatars that are of different ethnicities and types. You can also upload your custom avatar in the tool if you want. This tool supports more than 120 languages and accents. So, you can use this tool no matter where you live in the world and which language you speak. It can produce professional voiceovers from its text-to-voice aspect.

You should give a script to this tool, select your desired avatar and how to generate Instagram reels using ai with all important aspects for you. Its output quality is high so you can use it wherever you want.

But, the issue is that this tool has no free plan. It is paid so you have to subscribe to use this tool. Moreover, this tool only supports professional-type content. There is no room for creativity so it is not ideal for influencers.

2.   ZMO AI Video Generator

ZMO AI Video Generator


This AI video generator accepts text, image and video from you as an input and gives you high-resolution video as an output. You don’t need to write an extensive script in this tool as you have to do in Synthesia. You can just give simple two-to-three-line prompts to this generator and it will give you your desired results.

You can also give your favorite picture to it and the tool would animate its elements. If you have any low-resolution video, this tool would make it a high-resolution one. You can give text as an instruction along with images and videos. So that the tool can edit your photos and videos according to your instructions.

If you don’t like the output, you can edit it too. There is an extensive editing toolkit in this generator. You can resize your videos according to the requirements of different social media platforms. Moreover, you can find preset video templates too. You can choose any template from this tool for how to generate Instagram reels using AI so that it can create a high-quality video. There are more than fifty filters in the toolkit so you can edit the video as you want. You can also find flashy text boxes, animations and transitions in the generator.

It is free to use so you don’t need to spend any money on it. Moreover, its interface is simple and easy to use. So, every beginner can use it without any tutorials.

Unfortunately, at this moment, this tool is not available in the market. ZMO is soon going to launch it this year. At this moment, you can become a part of its waitlist. For this, you need to go to the ZMO.AI website.


You will see Products written on the top. When you click on it, a drop-down menu will come in front of you. From that menu, select the AI video generator.

AI video generator

It would take you to a new page where you can submit your email to become a part of the waitlist. Now, you will be notified as soon as ZMO launches it.

submit your email

3.   Lumen5


Lumen5 is an easy-to-use AI video generator that can kickstart your Instagram reel journey without any hassle. It has a few main AI technology features that can help you make high-quality videos with just a few clicks.

Some main features of this AI video generator are:

  • Producing talking-head videos
  • Turning your blogs and articles into videos
  • Taking small clips from your Zoom Meeting

You can give the text, images and videos to it. And, it would give you the video after adding animations, voiceovers, sounds, and texts. You can add branding aspects to your video by using its editing toolkit.

It has a Freemium plan in which you can get five Instagram reels from it for free. Its resolution level will be okay in the Freemium plan, and maybe there will be a logo in it. If you want unlimited videos, you should go with the paid plan.

4.   Sora


Sora is an AI video generator project of OpenAI. It can also support text, video and image input and gives you high-resolution videos. There are preset video templates in its library too which you can use to make videos.

It can make videos up to one minute long while remaining adhered to the prompt. It can make complex and simple videos. Sora can make one-shot videos or multi-shot videos with just one prompt. There is the Question of how to generate Instagram reels using AI with the Sora.AI tool.

At this moment, there is not much information about the pricing or other features of this tool. Because it has not been publicly launched. A “Red Team” along with some filmmakers and content creators have access to this tool. When they are satisfied with it, this tool will be available to the public.


Making Instagram reels is crucial for growth. Fortunately, AI video generators have made it easy to create different reels that would be of high quality and get completed in a few clicks. You can choose any AI video generator tool for how to generate Instagram reels using AI that resonates with your content and skills and create reels as much as you want.