Industries worldwide are being transformed by the advent of Artificial Intelligence. One intriguing aspect of AI that fuels innovation is its ability to generate images.

AI image generators can create lifelike photos, graphics, animations, videos, and even cartoons. These tools can be utilized for a multitude of tasks, such as marketing.

So, how might you incorporate them into your professional endeavors? And which are the top-rated AI image generators available today? Let’s explore.

What is the AI Image generator?

AI art generators employ machine learning algorithms to craft new artwork. These algorithms study vast collections of existing artwork to recognize distinctive patterns and styles of various artists, genres, or time periods. After sufficient training, an algorithm can produce new art by meshing elements from different references or inventing completely new creations based on the learned patterns.

Several techniques and methods exist for AI art creation, including:

  • Style transfer: This technique uses an existing model to impose the style of one image onto another. For instance, an AI could be trained with Van Gogh’s paintings, then used to infuse a standard photo with Van Gogh’s distinct style.
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): A GAN utilizes two neural networks – one to generate new images and another to differentiate between genuine and generated images. Training in tandem, the generative network grows more skilled at producing images that the discriminator network struggles to identify as generated.
  • Variational Autoencoders (VAEs): These models are designed to generate images by learning a condensed representation of an image. Then they create new images by altering this compacted form in certain ways.

AI art generators are at the forefront of blending research with creativity, offering the potential to expand our understanding of art and extend its boundaries.

In order to use AI image generator, you need to use a good prompt to generate a well performance image. It is very important for AI image generating with a good prompt. For example:

Majestic mountain vista in Switzerland, lush meadows, charming wooden chalets, ultra-realistic textures, HD, 8K resolution, aspect ratio 16:9

Landscape generated via ZMO's AI image generator

It will identify your prompt and create an image that match your description and make your prompt comes into the truth.

This the result generated via ZMO.AI

Why Choose AI Image Generator?

AI image generators offer a myriad of advantages across various fields and purposes. Here are some primary reasons why they are increasingly used:

  1. Efficiency: AI can produce images much faster than manual creation, saving time for designers and artists.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: They can reduce the costs associated with hiring professional artists, especially for prototyping and concept development.
  3. Creativity Boost: With AI, users can explore new artistic styles and visual concepts without extensive training or technical skills.
  4. Accessibility: They allow non-artists to create visual content, democratizing the ability to produce art and design elements.
  5. Customization: AI generators can tailor images to specific requirements or preferences, offering a high level of personalization.
  6. Experimentation: Artists and designers can use AI to quickly test ideas, iterate on projects, and experiment with different aesthetics.
  7. Scalability: They can generate large volumes of images, useful for projects that require substantial visual content, such as video games or animated films.
  8. Data Visualization: AI can transform complex data sets into more digestible, visual formats, making it easier to recognize patterns and insights.
  9. Learning and Training: They are beneficial in educational contexts, where AI-generated images assist in learning material development.
  10. Entertainment: AI-generated images can enhance user engagement in apps and games, creating diverse and dynamic visual content.

In summary, AI image generators are versatile tools that complement human expertise, enhance productivity, and open up new creative possibilities.

The Specification For Choosing AI Image Generator

Well, for choosing AI image generator may be a hard question for user. Having a clear goal what you will do after you choosing the AI image generator for your image generating.

In order to choose a most suitable AI image generator to generate a best performance image you need, there are some key factors you need to consider.

  1. Convenience for using: It is a important factor for using with convenient operation.
  2. Sufficient filter to customize your image generation: Not limited by single filter, if you need different style image generation and try to seek the AI image generator with more filter.
  3. Cost and performance: For the most AI image generators, there provide the few free trial for new user to experience. You can try to generate some images and check the results and you make the final decision.

And now you may have the ideas and get ready to learn different AI image generator. Let’s have a look.

AI Image Generator Trends in 2024

Here are the Image generating trend for the latest AI image generators:

Dall-E 3: Potential Popular AI Image Generator In 2024

Dall-E 3 AI image generator

In 2023 there are a lot of Top 8 Free Dall-E 2 Alternatives in 2023. Compared to the others Dall-E 2 alternatives, Dall-E 2 seems show low competitiveness in the AI Image generator and Open AI recently updated the Dall-E 2 to 3 and user can use Dall-E 3 in Bing and GPT with free credits. Dall-E 3 improve the capacity significantly with more nuance and detailed than their previous system. You can easily fulfill your idea in your prompt.

Image creator in BIng

You can easily use Dall-E 3 in the Bing chat or Chatgpt and you can get the delicate image. Included are an integrated image editor and an eraser. The eraser is capable of substituting elements within an image with components generated by AI.

Compared to the previous Dall-E 2, Dall-E 3 can provide you more detailed and advanced function in the image generation. Dall-E 3 can attempt to create a wide variety of images, such as landscapes, animals, people, and more. Please tell me the type of image you desire, as well as other details like color, size, resolution, and so on.

So we have prepared many different style prompts to test Dall-E 3. Let’s have a look now!

Realistic Images

We tried the prompt A picture of a Siamese cat sporting a blue scarf, lounging by the canals of Venice, with gondolas and bustling tourists in the backdrop.

Dall-E realistic image generation result
Generated by DALL-E 3

I couldn’t help but praise the results generated by Dall-E 3; had you not mentioned that the images were AI-generated, I might have been fully convinced they were taken in real life.

Dall-E 3 excellently realized our ideas and produced images that are nearly perfect. The lighting in the picture is particularly natural, which often poses a challenge in AI-generated imagery. Another detail is the cat’s fur within the picture; you can clearly see its irregular texture, and if you’ve ever had a cat, you would appreciate the perfection in its recreation. Furthermore, the background and passersby all appear incredibly natural. If you take a closer look at the pedestrians, you can feel that they’re almost indistinguishable from those in real-life photographs.


When I input the prompt A serene landscape of rolling Tuscan hills under a dynamic sky, dotted with cypress trees and rustic farmhouses, captured in the impassioned and vivid brushwork of Vincent van Gogh’s style and I get such result:

Dall-E 3 Art image generation
Generated by Dall-E 3

At first glance, the generated painting strongly aligns with Van Gogh’s distinctive style and successfully incorporates a wealth of detail, perfectly meeting our specifications.

However, infusing the piece with emotion might present a bit of a challenge. Van Gogh’s works are known for their vibrant, brilliant colors and a sense of motion—continuous, undulating, and rapidly flowing brushstrokes that, through the subject matter, convey a unique artistic technique and a reflection of the artist’s innermost emotions. His approach to color and the sculpting of forms is decidedly independent of tradition.

On closer inspection, you may notice the clouds in the painting seem somewhat forced, although the other elements of the picture do adhere to his fluidity. But when compared to Dall-E 2, one can clearly see a significant improvement in the finesse of this image.

Cartoon & illustration Generation

Typically, generating images for cartoons and illustrations is quite challenging due to the diverse range of unique styles. Without specifying your preferred style, it’s often difficult to achieve the envisioned result. That’s why I’ve requested a painting in an anime style using this prompt swimsuit, upper body, masterpiece, best quality, beautiful young girl, medium shot, detailed face and eyes, dress, underwater hair physics, air bubbles, light coming through water, solo focus, depth of field, ambient lighting, atmospheric, intricate details, soft light, artstation, plants, flowers, sunset, hills, sunlight, soft light

Dall-E 3 anime image generation
Generated by Dall-E 3

It seems that Dall-E 3 hasn’t made significant improvements in anime-style images. The faces in the pictures all appear to have the same shape and look somewhat odd structurally. Additionally, Dall-E 3 doesn’t allow for the selection of a specific anime filter style. I believe there’s room for further enhancement in this area.

And I also try to generate a illustration with A whimsical drawing of two adorable bunnies basking in the gentle warmth of a spring afternoon.

illustration generated by Dall-E 3
Generated by Dall-E 3

It meets our requirements splendidly, making the illustration appear exceptionally natural. The details, ranging from colors to structural composition, are comparable to a human artist’s work. It’s evident that Dall-E 3 has made notably clear progress after its update.


Totally free in Chatgpt and Bing chat.

DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion): Exceptional Image Quality with a User-Friendly Interface

DreamStudio by Stability AI is an AI-powered image creator that harnesses the latest Stable Diffusion image generation model.

Being open source, it continually improves and receives updates.

It can craft various types of images, ranging from illustrations to realistic photos and artworks.

Dream studio interface

DreamStudio is user-friendly and provides a variety of customization options. You can not only type in a prompt but also:

  • Select your image style, such as “photographic” or “3D model.”
  • Adjust the width and height settings.
  • Input a negative prompt to exclude certain elements.
  • Specify the desired number of images to generate.
  • Choose the image generation model to use.
  • Include a seed for generating similar images.

So, let’s get start to have a look on how DreamStudio performance

Realistic Images

In this article, we apply the same prompt to compare image generation. And I also type the A picture of a Siamese cat sporting a blue scarf, lounging by the canals of Venice, with gondolas and bustling tourists in the backdrop. And it generated such result:

DreamStudio realistic image generation
Generated by DreamStudio

The realistic images produced by DreamStudio offer more natural lighting adjustments compared to those from Dall-E 3, resulting in a very lifelike appearance. The Siamese cat generated aligns with the commonly perceived slender build seen in day-to-day life, and the scarf around its neck doesn’t disrupt the overall composition.

However, it seems to miss the tourist element, and the integration of the cat into the scene feels somewhat rigid, almost as if it’s been Photoshopped in. If the layer containing the cat could accentuate some more details and blend seamlessly with the background, it would be indistinguishable from a typical photograph.


And Start to have a look on Art image generation:

Art iamge generated by DraemStudio AI image generator
Generated by DreamStudio

Compared to Van Gogh’s originals, the Van Gogh-style AI images produced by DreamStudio resemble ink paintings. However, a close look at the clouds reveals they do draw inspiration from his famous work “Starry Night.” The composition and architecture, though, are too orderly and lack the fluidity of Van Gogh’s brushstrokes. The elements filled in by AI don’t seem very natural, indicating that DreamStudio’s performance in creating Van Gogh-like images falls short of ideal.

Cartoon & illustration Generation In DreamStudio

Maybe there were something wrong and it did not allow to me use the prompt above. So I change the prompt with this: Create an anime-style warrior standing atop a cliff at sunset, with a vibrant color palette, featuring oversized swords and detailed armor, under a swirling, dramatic sky.

Anime style image generated by DreamSudio AI image generator
Generated by DreamStudio

AI anime generation often struggles with the articulation of hands, color coordination, and filling in the overall content. Most AI anime generators on the market tend to create misplacements of hands and add odd elements if not meticulously adjusted, leading to a discordant image. DreamStudio, however, has managed color control commendably in its AI-generated anime images with bright, accurate hues and natural-looking characters. The depiction of hands holding swords is particularly well-executed. Despite the unnaturally generated cape and eyes, the rest of the image is quite impressive.

Illustration by DreamStudio AI image generator
Generated by DreamStudio

This illustration has been generated excellently with a natural feel; the elements within the image are well-balanced, without competing for attention. As for the quality of illustration generation, DreamStudio has achieved commendable results.


10$ for 1000 credits(About 5000 images)

ZMO.AI: Integrated AI Image Tool, All In One With Multiple Functions

ZMO.AI is a outstanding All in one AI tool for image generating and editing. Compared to the others AI image generator, ZMO.AI has mature experience on image generating. You can easily use with simple interface. And ZMO.AI provide bulk image generating filter for users to get their highly customized image generation.

Not limited by image generation, it also has AI studio to generate the high-quality AI portrait for users. You can explore AI image freely in ZMO’s world with daily free trial.

ZMO's AI girlfriend generator interface

In the ZMO’s AI image generator, you can easily choose your ideal filter, number of images, output resolution and canva size. The feature of ZMO’s AI image generator contains:

  1. After Image generating, you can enhance your favorite one image to get a better performance.
  2. You can upscale your image after generating to get the best resolution.
  3. Bulk filter to satisfy your requirement.
  4. Mature experience on generating the best image with best performance.
  5. Multiple function for users.

After introducing, let’s get start the adventure in ZMO’s world!

Realistic Images

Realistic iamge Genenrated by ZMO's AI image generator
Generated by ZMO.AI

The realistic image created by ZMO.AI impresses with its authenticity. It uses slightly dimmed lighting to enhance the realness of the photos it generates. In comparison to DreamStudio, ZMO.AI’s depiction of a cat blends more seamlessly with the background. The cat’s movements and elements within the picture coordinate well, with no repetition or misplaced components. Furthermore, ZMO.AI’s AI image generator demonstrates a strong understanding of prompts, successfully incorporating the requested features into the image. The overall picture appears quite natural. If you’re looking to create realistic images, ZMO.AI’s AI image generator is an excellent option to consider.


In ZMO’s AI image generator, there are sufficient filter for user to choose. It means they have researched various algorithms for users. If you want to generate AI art images, they can provide you a large art category for you to choose. Compared to the others AI image generator, ZMO.AI has more than 20 types filter for AI art generation. You can use them without any limits. For this trial, I want to make my idea into truth with the Van Gough style and I choose the Van Gough filter. The result is as shown below:

Van Gough Style AI art image generated by ZMO's AI image generator
Generated by ZMO.AI

In comparison to the previous two AI image generators, ZMO.AI produces Van Gogh-style images that are slightly more refined. The clouds in these images are natural-looking and align well with the luminosity typical of Van Gogh’s palette. Although the houses in the picture are somewhat distorted, this distortion fits well within Van Gogh’s characteristic style.

You can sense as if the content has been windswept, contorting the forms, yet the elements and structure of the image remain tidy and orderly. While the painting is generated by algorithms, ZMO.AI manages to infuse emotion into its artwork. In this image, you can visualize a countryside path and feel refreshed by the gentle caress of the breeze—a testament to the AI’s ability to capture more than just visual aspects in its creation.

Cartoon & illustration Generation In ZMO.AI

I tried with previous prompt for this: swimsuit, upper body, masterpiece, best quality, beautiful young girl, medium shot, detailed face and eyes, dress, underwater hair physics, air bubbles, light coming through water, solo focus, depth of field, ambient lighting, atmospheric, intricate details, soft light, artstation, plants, flowers, sunset, hills, sunlight, soft light and get such result:

Anime style AI image generated by ZMO's AI image generator

Upon seeing the generated image, I was utterly astounded. “Can this really be the work of AI?” I wondered. It’s hard to believe that I could create such a picture. The lighting was managed incredibly naturally; it made the girl’s hair gleam as if illuminated by a sunbeam. The image felt alive, as if capturing a moment where a playful girl in the water suddenly looks up at you, with droplets falling around her. Anyone would be captivated by it.

Aside from some negligible minor imperfections, the image could be described as nearly perfect. It cleverly concealed the often problematic hands and did so very naturally. The hair and eyes, in particular, were flawlessly rendered. It’s worth mentioning that this piece has also received much acclaim on the DeviantArt page.

AI illustration generated by ZMO's AI image generator

In this illustration, even though the sun isn’t depicted, the image is beautifully lit, suggesting that the two rabbits are basking in sunlight. This aligns perfectly with the prompt and renders the scene exquisitely.

FAQ About AI Image Generator

How can I improve my prompts for AI image generators?

To obtain images that match your vision, learning how to craft clear and detailed prompts is crucial. Consider these tips for enhancing your prompts:

a) Emphasize specificity: Clearly describe the elements and features you want the AI to incorporate into your image. Being specific narrows down the options to better suit your needs.

b) Offer visual context: Provide accompanying reference images or examples to give the AI a clearer picture of the expected outcome.

c) Balance complexity: Find a middle ground between simplistic and intricate prompts. Overly complicated instructions may lead to confusion, while oversimplified ones could result in bland images.

d) Explore different styles: AI generators vary in their capabilities. Get to know the strong suits of the tool you’re using, and tailor your prompts accordingly.

What point should I need to mention when I use AI image generator?

Ensure that any images created by AI do not violate copyright laws.

Similarly, be attentive to content that could be considered offensive. Verify that all aspects of the image are suitable for a diverse audience.

It’s vital to maintain transparency as well. Despite the realistic nature of these images, it should be clearly stated that they are AI-generated. AI is not a shortcut to bypass human creativity, but rather a tool to enhance the capabilities of your human team.


The advent of AI image generator tools has dramatically improved our capability to create eye-catching visuals, drawings, and graphic designs. These advanced tools have democratized the design process, making it easier for individuals of varying skill levels. They allow users to explore different dimensions of their creative potential. Each AI-powered imagery tool comes with unique benefits. Given the wide range of options available, you are sure to find a tool that matches your specific needs. Whether you require a powerful image generator or a straightforward tool for quick social media graphics creation, there is something out there for everyone.