If you are a fan of Pokemon, you must have a dream of having your anime Pokemon pet. It would help if you wanted to go back to Pokemon World again and again. It would be best if you had a wild imagination regarding Pokemon and wanted to make it a reality.

If this is true, then I have good news for you. Different AI tools are generating Pokemon for free for their users. These AI tools can bring your imagination into reality with just a few clicks. You must be wondering what these are, so let’s discuss them in detail in this blog.

What is an AI Random Pokemon Generator?

These are tools that use artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to generate art. You can give them a detailed prompt containing your imagination and they will give you the Pokemon you are looking for. You can tell them any specific color, situation, pose, characteristics, or type you always dream of seeing in the Pokemon world. They will react to it and will create the world you are always looking for. Moreover, these tools can also randomly generate Pokemon characters for you. These random creations can inspire you and let you walk down into the world of Pokemon.


As these AI tools will do the whole work for you, so you don’t need any specific skill to use them. It is just a few clicks and you will get the desired results. Moreover, a lot of them are free so you don’t need to spend any money to enjoy the luxury of your Pokemon world.

Now, you must want to know about free AI random Pokemon generators. So, I am going to discuss a few AI tools for you.

4 Free Random Pokemon Generator

Four random Pokemon generators are famous among people. These random Pokemon generators have their specifications and limitations. So, you should know about them in detail before using them.

1.   ZMO.AI

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It is one of the best random Pokemon generators present in the market. You can use its free trial daily to create limitless Pokemon characters you want. There is no restriction on this tool.

The best thing about this tool is that you can select the style, type, resolution, and size of your Pokemon generation. You can choose a 2D and 3D Pokemon character according to your choice. This would give you a variety of options to try on your Pokemon world. Moreover, it gives you high-resolution results so you can download a masterpiece on your device.

Not only this, you can select the number of images you want in response to your Pokemon prompt. In this way, you can get multiple options in response to your prompt. So, you can choose any one from them and download it according to your ease.

You need to give your detailed description to generate Pokemon. The interface is user-friendly so you don’t need to spend time and energy learning and using it. If you don’t like Pokemon generated from this tool, you can detail your prompt or command the tool to generate more Pokemon for you.

You can choose the size of your Pokemon generation too. So, if you want to share your creation on social media with your friends or fans, you can do it easily. Because you can size your creation according to the size of a specific social media platform.

2.   Fotor AI

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Fotor is another amazing random Pokemon generator. It also allows you to add descriptions so that it can generate Pokemon for you. With it, you can also find random Pokemon generation options on this tool. When you select that option, it will randomly give you a few Pokemon characters. You can choose the number of Pokemon characters you want from this tool.

This tool can give 2D and 3D Pokemon characters though the quality of 3D images may not be that good. This tool also has various styles and designs for you to choose from. It has almost ten design options for Pokemon lovers.

To get your desired results from this tool, you need to write everything in the text box. The problem here is that Fotor doesn’t allow much descriptive text. So, you need to provide the information within a few words only.

3.   Pica AI Fakemon Generator

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Pica AI Fakemon Generator is another text-to-image AI generator that generates Pokemon World for you. But, the thing which makes it unique is it does not solely rely on previous Pokemon characters. It allows you to make new Pokemon characters. That’s why it is called “Fakemon”. Because you can go on a fake Pokemon world through this tool.

So, this tool is for all those who want to brainstorm and be creative in their art. It allows creators and artists to make something unique and own it.

You have to add detailed text in the description box to tell the tool which type of Fakemon you want. With it, you can select the number of variations you want. The tool will take a few minutes and will give you several variations. You can select one from them and download it.

It allows 2D and 3D Pokemon creations. Moreover, you can create 5 free Pokemon characters daily on this tool.

But, the issue is that you can’t customize Pokemon characters on this AI tool. It also doesn’t have balanced stats so maybe you can’t use this new character in the game setting.

4.   ArtGuru.AI

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Art Guru has advanced algorithms that can generate unique and interesting Pokemon with just a few clicks. You need to provide a detailed description of it and it will create unique Pokemon designs for you.

It allows you to customize your Pokemon designs. You can give descriptive information in the text for your Pokemon and it would give you a specific type of anime character.

It also has a limited free edition so you can create only 5 free Pokemon characters on it. It gives you an option to select styles and types of Pokemon. So, you can have 2D or 3D designs from it.

But, the issue is that it is not user-friendly. The interface is complicated to understand so you need to spend time learning and using it.

Comparison Table of Free Random Pokemon Generators

Tool NameText-to-PokemonStyle CustomizationFree Daily GenerationsFocus
ZMO’s AI Anime GeneratorYesYesLimitedExisting Pokemon
Fotor’s AI Pokemon GeneratorLimitedYes5Existing Pokemon
Pica AI Fakemon GeneratorYesNo5Fakemon
ArtGuruYesYes5Existing Pokemon

Guide to Using Random Pokemon Generator

To help you in using AI tools, I am going to give you a brief tutorial on ZMO.AI Random Pokemon Generator. Through this tutorial, you can easily use this tool.

So, first of all, you need to go to the ZMO.AI website and log in there.

1 19

You can see “Products” in the menu at the top of the page. When you select it, a drop-down menu will come.

6 16

From this menu, select the AI anime generator. It is the second one on the list. When you click on it, a new page will open.

7 15

On this new page, you can see AI Pokemon Generator written. You will also find the option “start creating for free”. So, select the option and you will go to the new page.

8 14

On this new page, you can see various options. It allows you to either add text, images, or video for getting Pokemon. Moreover, it has various styles and designs for you to choose from.

9 12

When you scroll down a bit, you can see different other options too. You can select the number of images, resolution, and size of your Pokemon image. You can add a negative prompt in it too where you can tell what not to include in your final product.

10 10

For this tutorial, I am going with 4 numbers of images, text prompts, and a 640-pixel revolution. I am going to insert the prompt: “Create a Pokemon character of a fire-breathing dolphin in a vibrant sunset color theme.” I am selecting the anime category and art styles.

AI Pokemon

You can choose any of the four pictures and download them. If you don’t like them, you can add more descriptions to your prompt and generate more.

AI Pokemon


There are various free random Pokemon Generators in the market. These Pokemon generators have a vast array of tools that you can use to create your favorite Pokemon world. Among these free tools, ZMO.AI is catching attention because it provides a lot of advanced features and unlimited Pokemon character generation for free. You can use it with the help of the tutorial I have discussed in this blog.


Are AI Pokemon Generators Safe to Use?

Yes, these Pokemon generators have strict rules regarding privacy and security. So, you can use them without any worries.

How are AI Pokemon Generators beneficial?

You can use these AI arts not only for fun purposes but in different industries too. Game developers can use it in their games. Artists and graphic designers can use these Pokemon designs for their merchandise and artworks.

Is ZMO.AI Pokemon Generator free to use?

Yes, you can have unlimited Pokemon designs from this tool.