When it comes to AI art generators, tools like well-known Midjouney、DALL-E and stable diffusion are most likely mentioned by people. 
But due to their own different flexibility, affordability and accessibility, they may not be the best fit for everyone, particularly those who are just starting out with AI-generated art, or those who have more specific requirements for their art generation.
In this blog, we will introduce an excellent alternative AI art generator–ImgCreator.AI. After knowing more about its features, I believe it is definitely worth considering as a tool for your next project.

In this guide:

  • What is imgcreator.ai?
  • The top 7 features of ImgCreator.AI
  • How to choose the best Midjourney alternatives

What is Imgcreator.AI?

Using artificial intelligence technology, Imgcreator.AI is capable of generating artwork from text alone. 
Within a matter of seconds, it can produce over two masterpieces that fulfill your desired specifications.

The features of ImgCreator.AI

  • The best realistic photo generator
Most pictures generated by AI art generators are restricted within artistic styles, which are far away from realistic photos. But ImgCreator.AI is an exception. For example, we feed the same prompt into both ImgCreator.AI and Midjourney.
a cute young woman, long shiny bronze brown hair, full round face, green eyes, medium skin tone, light cute freckles, light blush,
smiling softly, wearing casual clothing, interior lighting, cozy living room background, medium shot, mid-shot, hyperdetailed
  • The best anime generator
Ever since the advent of AI art generators, the world has been captivated by the wonder of AI anime. Its popularity has only continued to grow, as evidenced by the latest tweet about AI anime garnering a staggering 29.6 million views on Twitter.
So in ImgCreator.AI, there is a wide range of anime styles for users to choose from, catering to users’ every desire.
Here are the results that ImgCreator.AI creates. 
(Prompt: one cute anime girl, Anime style, 19 years old, far from camera, medium curly brown hair, skinny, slim waist, thick, medium bust, on sidewalk in big city)
Japanese Anime
Anime Art
Gorgeous Girl
Bright Girl
Makoto Shinkai
Anime Classic
  • Built-in image editing tools
Compared with other AI art generators, surprisingly, ImgCreator.AI offers a cutting-edge image editing tool–AI designer, that utilizes AI technology to enable designers to edit images through text commands. Rather than an editor, it’s an AI-powered designer assistant.
It can help you:
  1. Modify any part of an existing image.
2. Expand the size and visible part of an image (outpainting) with similar styles of the oringinal.
3. Remove the background of an image automaticly
4. Add and edit text to a generated or edited image
  • Turning yourself into anime role
Have you imagined you were the anime role? Now you can realize the wish with ImgCreator.AI. Upload pictures, and AI will identify and extract required poses automatically. And then, fill in keywords to produce your anime characters with specified poses!
  • Make little variation based on the original photo
As for people who usually create content, appropriate pictures are essential. Most of people used to download pictures from the internet, but this method could be risky since many photos have copyright protection. 
To avoid copyright violations, “Imagen AI” was launched. You can upload the original photo and adjust reference strength number to generate similar images.

If the target photo is protected by copyright, you can create a similar but copyright-free one instead.

  • Turning your selfies into magic avtars
Do you find it exhausting to spend countless hours transforming your selfies into enchanting avatars? Bid farewell to subpar filters and convoluted apps! 
Choose from a variety of over 20 styles that cater to your specific requirements. Utilizing the power of AI Studio, you can effortlessly convert your selfies into a multitude of magical avatars while preserving your facial identity.

If the target photo is protected by copyright, you can create a similar but copyright-free one instead.

Within this article, ImgCreator.AI has displayed its own advantages. Maybe my analysis is not comprehensive enough. So I strongly suggest that you can explore it by yourself, and even investigate other powerful AI art generators.

When evaluating an AI image generator, take into account four key factors: adaptability, cost-effectiveness, variety of functionalities, and output quality.

In general, it is evident that the market for AI image generators is swiftly expanding, providing consumers with a plethora of options, and we anticipate that more will emerge in the future!

Get ready for the huge changes!