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Remove Unwanted Object With Photo Object Remover

Upload your image, mask the object or people area to start removing in seconds with Photo Object Remover!

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Skating example for using object remover

How to Remove Unwanted Object from you image ?

Upload Your Image

Upload your image by dragging and dropping it into the designated area, or by clicking to select a file. We accept all popular image formats, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC, WEBP, and TIFF. Please note that there are no resolution restrictions for uploaded images.

Mask the Area You Want To Remove

Select the area you want to remove with the brush. Adjust the brush size using the slider. You can also change the zoom level for more precise selection of the area.

Erase Your Unwanted Object

Once you've made your selection, click "erase." If the results are unsatisfactory, attempt erasing the same area again—the AI's performance improves with each try. It may take several attempts, but by collaborating with the AI, you'll achieve the desired outcome. If you suspect you've made a mistake, you always have the option to undo and reselect.

Download Image

Once you're pleased with the outcome, select 'Download' to save the image to your computer or your phone's gallery. The download will occur in a format suitable for the edits you've applied.

Use cases

Why Photo Object Remover


No skill or experience required

You don't need any special skills or previous experience to get started, just pick up the paintbrush and let your imagination guide you with the same uninhibited joy and spontaneity that a child naturally has when they create something. Feel free to express yourself on the canvas, moving the brush whichever way you desire, just as a young one would, without worrying about the rules or the outcome.


Exactly remove what you want

Adjust the zoom level or the size of the brush to gain precise control over the editing process. By manipulating these settings, you are able to make specific changes based on your editing needs. This enables you to tailor your approach when modifying an image, ensuring that every detail is altered to your exact preference. Whether you need to focus on a small area with a fine brush or tackle a larger section by zooming in, these tools give you the flexibility to edit as you see fit.
ZMO's photo object removing example

Multiple functions

Not Only Photo Object Remover

Not limited by photo object remover, ZMO's AI photo editor also has many functions after you removing the object in the photo. It can continue to help you creating more stunning image. You can discover multiple functions such as generative fill, background changing, etc. Inspire your idea and make your image unique!

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Photo Object Remover FAQs

What is Photo Object Remover?

The Photo object remover is a straightforward yet potent tool that employs AI to eliminate unwanted objects, people, text, and imperfections from your photos. It delivers a clean image free of distractions or flaws.

How does Photo Object Remover work?

Photo Object Remover employs AI to remove a variety of elements such as objects, people, text, and blemishes from images and smartly fills in the gaps, making it appear as though nothing has been removed. To erase or replace a section, simply brush over the area; precision isn’t necessary. The AI takes hints from the surrounding patterns and objects in the image to determine how to seamlessly fill in the removed section.

Can I erase multiple objects from a single photo using Photo Object Remover?

Yes, the Photo Object Remover can remove multiple objects from any photo. It works best if you select and erase items one at a time, especially when you’re looking to erase several objects.

Will using Photo Object Remover affect the quality of my original photos?

Customers subscribed to a suitable paid plan can download images in full quality with a maximum dimension of 2000 pixels. We recommend using the Image Upscaler tool to enhance the resolution up to 4096 pixels. Other users may download images at a reduced resolution, capped at 600 pixels, which include a Magic Studio watermark.

Can I use Photo Object Remover for commercial projects?

Certainly, you can use the Photo Object Remover for any purpose that you deem appropriate. However, it’s important to adhere to copyright laws and to verify that you hold the necessary rights for the images you’re editing or downloading. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us. For a detailed understanding of what is allowed, you can review our complete Terms of Service at

Is there a feature to undo changes made with Photo Object Remover?

Indeed, the Photo Object Remover feature allows you to undo the last action, reversing any changes made during that step. However, please be aware that there is no redo option after an undo, and this action cannot be reversed. At any point, you may also compare the edited image with the original one.

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