If you are a writer, you must agree with me that a story needs deep characters to be successful. Readers need to have empathy and a deep relationship with their characters to enjoy the fiction. If a writer fails in this aspect, their whole effort goes in vain.

But, writing a complicated character is hell difficult to do. Thinking about a new character, and giving it an appropriate background and attractive physical features is something a writer struggles with. On top of it, writer’s block makes it a lot more difficult to write a convincing character. You just keep staring at your page and your mind remains blank. You want to type something but your brain and fingers are not allowing it.

In these kinds of conditions, what can you do? How can you come out of a writer’s block? How can you write a convincing character art Generator? Well, an AI art character generator is the answer to your questions. These generators are changing the lives of writers so you can make them a part of your life too.

What are AI Character Art Generators?

These generators use artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to create characters within a few seconds. You need to give a prompt to them and they will provide you with a character’s picture within ten to fifteen seconds. If your prompt is detailed, you will get a precise picture according to your standards.

AI Character Art Generators

Character Art Generator are based on a machine learning module. It means it learned from the text and visuals present online. Their technology keeps improving with each prompt they get. So, you can keep experimenting with these tools and they will keep providing you with visuals of your characters.

Now, let’s see in which scenarios you can character art generators and what are the benefits of it.

Why Should Writers Use AI Character Art Generators?

Well, there are various reasons why writers should have AI Character Art Generators. I will explain these reasons along with different case studies.

1.   Visualizing Characters

You are writing a novel and you wanted to introduce a new character but didn’t know how to generate it. Or, you don’t know if the physical description you have thought of is enough for your readers. Maybe, you wanted to write a scene in which your character is in a special pose and you don’t know how to explain it. You are in doubt whether your character’s pose and physical description are enough for your readers to visualize them or not. So, it is best that you visualize them before finalizing your draft.

Visualizing Characters

For this, you can go to AI character art generators and write your description there. It would give you the picture according to your description. If it is not what you have visualized, you can change your prompt or make it more detailed.

Moreover, if you are confused about whether to give black hair to your character or red, you can decide it too with the help of AI tools.

2.   Helping with Writer’s Block

You are staring at the blank page and you don’t know what to do. You are trying repeatedly but you are unable to write anything. At that moment, staring at the blank page will not give you any benefit. So, you should open an AI art generator and start giving it random prompts.

The best thing about these tools is that they can create different scene backgrounds, characters, and poses for you. So, you can experiment with different scenes until any motivation or idea hits you.

3.   Marketing

In this digital world, marketing is crucial. You need to market your books and stories way before you launch them. In this scenario, AI art generators can be helpful for writers. It can change their marketing techniques.


You can generate your characters in different scenarios and poses through AI art generators. And, you can share them on your social media accounts. Your audience will be hooked and want to read about that character and scene. In this way, you can effectively market your novel.

4.   Building Unique Characters

Let’s suppose you want to create a character of a specific timeline and geographical location. But, you don’t have any information about that timeline or geography. You don’t know which clothes, looks and backgrounds will be best for your characters. So, you can take the help of these tools to build unique characters and worlds.

Building Unique Characters

You can write about that timeline or geography in your prompt and these tools will give you the character that would be suitable for your unique novel. According to that visual, you can write about the character’s features and clothes in detail.

5.   Consistency in Character’s Description

I have seen a lot of writers facing the issue of having consistency in character descriptions. They sometimes forget how they have initially explained the physique of their character and messed up with it in the later chapters. Due to this aspect, they have to spend more time on editing. But, you can have consistency if you have the image of your character. So, you don’t need to think about your character’s initial details anymore.

These are a few benefits of using AI art generators for character building. Now, you must want to know how to use them.

So, I am using the ZMO AI art generator to give you the tutorial. You will be amazed to learn how easy it is to use this tool and how quickly it gives the result.

Tutorial of ZMO AI Character Art Generator

ZMO is an all-in-one AI tool that lets you generate anime, paintings and art with just a few clicks. It has advanced algorithms and a machine-based learning system that enables your AI tool to create art with just a few clicks and within a few seconds. It is free to use and has a very user-friendly interface. So, you don’t need complicated tutorials to understand it. You will see it in this next tutorial.

First of all, you need to go to the ZMO website. Sign up there to make your account.

Tutorial of ZMO AI Character Art Generator

Now, you will see Products at the top of the page. Click on it. A drop-down menu will come in front of you.


From that menu, select the AI anime generator. You need to click on it and a new page will come in front of you.

AI anime generator

On this new page, you can see Create AI anime for free. Click on it so that you can go to the next page.

Create AI anime for free

Now, a new interface will come that will ask you to select from different categories and write a prompt. At the bottom of the page, you can see other settings too like several images and resolutions. You need to select the right setting.

write a prompt

From the category, select the 3D design and from there you can select “character” style. Now, write a prompt. After writing your desired prompt, you can click on the “Create” button.


This is the result of one type of category and style. But, you can experiment with different styles and categories too. For example, I am selecting “realistic photo” and “medium shot” styles now. I keep my prompt the same. Then, I click on the “Create” button.

different styles and categories

See, it is a bit different now due to the changes. Click on your favorite portrait and download it. You can experiment with other prompts and categories too.

Here are some different prompts with results:

  • A character who is a famous singer and songwriter, but suffers from stage fright and impostor syndrome.

A character who is a famous singer and songwriter, but suffers from stage fright and impostor syndrome.

  • A character who is a mermaid and lives in a hidden underwater kingdom, but is curious about the human world and falls in love with a human.

A character who is a mermaid and lives in a hidden underwater kingdom, but is curious about the human world and falls in love with a human.

  • A character who is a werewolf and tries to hide their identity from their human friends and family.

A character who is a werewolf and tries to hide their identity from their human friends and family.

Tips to Use Character AI Art Generator Effectively

Every AI technology is in the initial state of development. So, you need to be very careful and clever while using them. You should know how to unlock its potential effectively. For this, I am telling you a few tips.

  • You should have basic information about your character. This information can be the age, height, demographics, or any physical description.
  • You should not only focus on physical information. You should go beyond it and write about the emotional mindset of the character too. Its emotions will help AI to generate posess and features effectively.
  • You should write a detailed prompt too. Your prompt should contain all the essential information which you have about your character. It will help AI.
  • You should do different experiments with your prompts. Change some things in it so that it could give you dynamic characters.
  • You should remember that AI is not perfect. If you find inconsistencies in it, you need to make your prompt more easy to understand.
  • Use simple language that has all the keywords.
  • Always remember that AI is just here to spark your imagination. Its purpose is to make you more creative. So, don’t solely rely on its art. Try to add some unique aspects to it if you want.


As a writer, having multi-layer realistic characters is crucial for being successful. You can enjoy your writing process and readers will enjoy reading your book when your characters are near to life. To breathe life into them, you can use Character AI art generators. You can visualize your characters and scenes and also let your readers see them. It is also best for marketing purposes. So, use these AI art generators in your writing journey and see how helpful they are.