With the help of artificial intelligence technology, AI art generators can create artwork based solely on text input. Ever since the advent of AI art generators, the world has been captivated by the wonder of its possibility.

However, they also raised concerns about potential misuse and impact on creative jobs. Despite these concerns, many artists and designers are actively experimenting with this new technology.

Are you still unsure about how to create AI art from text? In fact, go to the website, create an account and you can generate images of anything by typing a text prompt. However, there are a few things to bear in mind.

In this blog post, I will use ImgCreator.AI as an example and guide you through the process of using AI art generators, along with some tips on how to create better images.


What Kind of AI Artworks Can You Create with ImgCreator.AI?

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Table of life

How can make your ImgCreator.AI images better? ​

Start By Asking A List Of Questions​

To come up with a picture in your mind, first answer some questions. This will be your starting point to help you imagine the image.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but will help you get great results when you start your prompt crafting journey.

Here is an example


  1. Do you want a photo or a painting?painting
  2. What’s the subject of the photo? Person? An animal or perhaps a landscape? ——koala
  3. What details do you want to add? wearing sunglasses
  • Special Lighting. Soft, ambient, ring light, neon — bright
  • Environment. Indoor, outdoor, underwater, in space–grass
  • Color Scheme. Vibrant, dark, pastel bright colors
  • Point of view. Front, Overhead, Sideportrait, close up
  • Background. Solid color, nebula, forestforest
  1. In a specific art style? 3D render, studio ghibli, movie poster3D render


A koala in parachute gear, wearing sunglasses, sitting on the grass, in the forest


However, there is a problem. The koala is NOT in the forest…The AI didn’t take in “in the forest” properly.

Worry not!

You can change the order of the words a little bit if one part is important. The earlier a word is in the sentence, the more importance it will be given.


We moved “in the forest” earlier in the prompt.  As you can see, the koala is now “in the forest”. 

Picture Category

The artworks that imgcreator generates concludes six categories: Anime, Avtor, Art, Realistic photo, Design, Illustration. Selection of category will directly affect the final quality and style of the picture.

Pictures with the same description but different categories have completely different visual effects on users.



Realistic photo

Realistic photo



3D render design


AI Art


Website illustration


Picture Category

Each category has more than four styles for users to select, you can choose your favorite style according to the scene you describe and the category you want the picture to present.
Including the classic style like Ukiyo-e, Van Gogh, Monet and so on. What’s more, it has Hayao Miyazaki’s style and One Piece style!Just entering the corresponding keywords, you don’t need any art foundation at all.
Chinese painting style
Chinese Painting
Children book illustration
Children Book Illustration
Logo design
Logo Design
Van Gough
Van Gough
Ukiyo e
Pixel Art
Art Deco
Art Deco

Tweak your image

Once the images are ready, you can upscale the image of your choice or generate further variations of one of the options using the buttons underneath.
Use the upscale buttons to give further detail to one of the images.
1、Find the row of buttons under the image. The first button is”ehance“, which means adding extra details to the original picture.
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2、The third button is”upscale”, which means increasing the resolution of pictures to 4k.
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Tips and Tricks

Combining the above three techniques, I believe you have mastered the basic function of this tool. But there are a few tips to note:
  • Due to the different algorithm models, if you blindly pile up the “mantras” that are commonly used in other products, such as octane rendering, plasma, it may be counterproductive.
  • At the same time, your description also needs to be consistent with the category and style you choose. For example, if you choose the style of “Van Gogh”, while your aim is to generate a realistic photo, the final result may not be satisfying.
  • Too complex, lengthy descriptions may generate incorrect pictures and texts.

Your Questions, Answered.(FAQ)​

Q: What’s required to get started?
A: You can log in to the Imgcreator website and use all its features just by using your email.
Q: It ImgCreator.AI free?
A: Free preview results are available for most of the features. For example, we provide FREE small resolution background removal results.
For HD result, you can download with pro credits. Upon successful registration as a new user, you will get 20 free credits automatically. You can also share with your friends on social media to get 8 free credits for every referral after registration.
Q: What is pro credit?
A: Credits are virtual currency for using the services offered by ImgCreator, such as downloading full resolution images after background removal. They can be used on ImgCreator.AI webpage.

What is ImgCreator.AI.?

Using artificial intelligence technology, Imgcreator.AI is capable of generating artwork from text alone.
Within a matter of seconds, it can produce over two masterpieces that fulfill your desired specifications.

Where to Access AI Art Generator?

In terms of user-friendliness, Imgcreator.ai is the clear winner as it can be easily accessed through a website without the need for any complicated downloads or applications.