With the rise of digital marketing, short videos are becoming more and more common. Bloggers, influencers and small business owners are using this form of AI video generator shorts to connect with their audience. According to a survey, 66 percent of consumers find short videos engaging and a great way to build connections.

Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter have introduced short-form videos as 58 percent of people prefer watching a short video over a post or long video. We have seen that YouTube shorts and Instagram reels get more exposure and audience than other forms of marketing content. Around 83 percent of consumers on Instagram discover new companies through reels. On Instagram account, 67 percent of engagement comes from reels.

The best thing about these shorts is that people can remember them easily. It gets saved in their memories so the next time they want to buy any product, any reel or shorts can come in front of their eyes. In these scenarios, creating short videos is a must to grow.

But, a lot of people don’t have video editing skills. So, they don’t know how to create a captivating short that will keep their audience hooked. Moreover, small business owners don’t have much time to create content on a daily basis. In this situation, what can they do?

Well, ai video generator shorts are your answer. You can create shorts in bulk within a few moments with this tool. What is it? Let’s discuss it here.

What are AI Video Generators Shorts?

These are the tools that use artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to create engaging short-form videos. You don’t need to do anything manual here as algorithms are doing it on their own. You just need to give them an input and they will give you output within a minute.

What type of input do you need to give to them? Well, there are three types of inputs you can give to AI video generators.


  • Image Input: You can give your high-resolution picture to the AI generator and it will give you a video in place of it. You need to give instructions to AI tools, telling them what to do with your picture. The tool will add animation, filters, effects and other aspects to turn your picture into a bite-sized video.
  • Text Input: You need to give a detailed text input to the AI tool. In it, you need to add as much information as you can. It can involve telling an AI tool what type of content should be in the video, what type of animations you want, what type of filters you want and much more. Moreover, if it is a multi-shot video, you should tell AI the sequence of the shots. Your output will be good if your text input is good. If you don’t get your desired video from AI, you need to make your prompt more detailed and easier to understand.
  • Video Input: If you have any low-resolution and unprofessional kind of video, you can also give it to AI. Along with the video, you can give instructions on what changes you want in that video. According to your instructions, AI video generators will uplevel your video, making it a high-resolution and professional one.


These are three types of inputs. Some video generators accept all these three types while some accept only one or two types of these inputs. Let’s see different AI video generator tools you should know.

ZMO- AI Video Generator Shorts

ZMO- AI Video Generator Shorts

ZMO.AI is one of the best AI tools that contains all kinds of generating and editing toolkits. It is a tool that contains video production, art production, picture editing and much more. It contains more than fifty filters that can give you professional pictures and videos

Among all of these, the ai video generator shorts are also an amazing feature. This feature allows you to create high-resolution videos for free with all three types of inputs. Some amazing qualities of its AI video generator are:

  • Various Inputs: This tool accepts text, pictures and videos as input to give high-resolution video in the response.
  • Free to Use: This tool is free to use so you can have multiple shorts from it without any worries.
  • Easy to Use Interface: This AI tool doesn’t need a deep learning curve to use it. It has a very easy-to-understand interface so you can use it without any extensive tutorials.
  • Resizing Options: You can resize your videos according to different social media platforms through this AI tool. You can make Instagram reels, YouTube and TikTok shorts without any worries.
  • Pre-set Templates: You can find pre-made video templates too in the tool. So, you can use them in your video to make it more engaging.
  • Video Editing: You can edit your video manually too on this tool. Let’s suppose AI gives you a video which you like but you want to make some minor changes in it to make it more attractive. So, you can use the editing toolkit of ZMO to edit your video as you want.

These are some amazing aspects of the ZMO video editing tool that you all should know. At this moment, it is not officially launched but ZMO has started a wait-list for all those who want to use this tool as soon as it is launched.

To become a part of its waitlist, you need to go to the ZMO website.

You will see “Products” written in the top menu. You need to click on it. A drop-down menu will come in front of you. From that menu, you should select, AI video generator.


A new page will come in front of you. On that page, you can submit your email address. When you do it, ZMO will automatically add you to their waitlist.

submit your email address

Now, you must want to know why you should use AI video generator shorts. So, let’s discuss some benefits of it.

Benefits of Using AI Video Generators Shorts

There are a bunch of benefits of using AI video generators. You can use this tool and can avail its benefits as much as you want.

Create Videos 80 percent faster

Typical video editing and generation takes days or sometimes weeks. You need to spend hours and a bunch of time to generate and edit videos. In this, a lot of your time got wasted too. But, ai video generator shorts can do all these tasks within minutes. These tools just need your input and will generate results within one to two minutes. If you don’t like it, editing it will take only a few moments of yours. AI video editors are also fast. So, it saves your days in video generation.

Cut your Cost by 70 percent

You need to buy advanced video editing software to edit your videos. Then, you need to hire a professional who can provide you with content. The basic price of video editors on Upwork starts from 15 dollars per hour. And, any professional needs a bunch of hours to professionally edit your video. This can cost you a decent amount of money. But, you can avoid it by using AI video editors.

A lot of these editors are free to use and don’t need any subscription. But, even if you need to buy them, these tools are way more cost-effective than video editing software such as Adobe Premiere.

Don’t Need Steep Learning Curve

Video Editing software such as Adobe Premiere needs a lot of tutorials to understand and use them. There are playlists on YouTube for its video editing aspect. And, each playlist contains tons of long videos. It means these software are difficult to understand and require deep learning.

But, AI tools are easy to understand and don’t require extensive tutorials. You just need to open them and you will automatically figure out how to use them. Because their interface is simple and easy to use.

Add a Personal Touch

You can add your personal touch too in AI shorts as they allow you to edit your videos. A lot of AI video generators such as ZMO have video editing toolkits. So, you can utilize that toolkit to add a personal touch to your videos.

Meet the Growing Demand for Video Generation

If you see how to grow on Instagram or TikTok, they will ask you to upload two to three videos in a week at least. This is the ticket to grow on social media platforms. So, AI tools can help you in meeting the growing demand for ai video generator shorts by providing content in no time.


AI video generator shorts are the future of content marketing because of their unique benefits. You can create videos within a few seconds with just a few clicks. You can find tons of AI generators in the market and ZMO is one of them. It provides advanced features to its users that will benefit them a lot. So, you should become a part of its wish list as soon as possible.