In 2024, innovations and advancements are taking place in the digital world. Every tech company is trying its best to provide new technology and tools in the market. So, new tools and ways of fulfilling different tasks are coming into the online world.

Among all of these, creating videos in a new way has also become a part of digital growth. Those days are going when you need to spend hours making videos. Now, pic to video ai free are making your life easy because they are providing video editing and generation with just a few clicks and within just a few minutes.

AI video generators are innovative tools that help video creators make advanced videos while saving time and costs on them. So, let’s discuss them.

What are AI Video Generators?

These are artificial intelligence-based tools that use machine learning and advanced algorithms to pic to video ai free. You need to give them any sort of input and they will provide you with videos.

These tools mostly accept inputs in the form of text. But, some unique AI tools accept pictures too for creating videos. They want you to give pictures and they will provide you with high-resolution shorts to use for personal or commercial purposes.


You need to give them high-resolution pic to video ai free. These pictures can be the shots you have taken of your products, or they can be pictures from other top videos. Just make sure that all the pictures are of high resolution so that you can get good-quality videos. You need to feed these pictures to AI tools along with the instructions. You need to tell the tool what elements you want in your videos. What sound effects, animations, texts and other elements do you want so that you can create high-quality videos. This text and your picture both are important to give you the desired results.

Various AI tools accept image input. So, let’s discuss all of them in detail.

Top Pic to Video AI Free Tools in 2024


1.   inVideo AI

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This is a free AI video generator tool that accepts text and pictures to generate professional videos. You can give instructions to it and it will add all the elements you want without wasting any time. It has a free plan which provides limited features. Along with it, you can find paid features too.

Its interface is easy to understand and use. So, you don’t need tutorials to generate videos from it. It is ideal for all those beginners who want a simple and quick way of creating pic to video ai free in a slideshow manner through your pictures.

You can add texts, sounds, voiceovers, overlays, filters, effects and much more to it. You can even do AI voice cloning on this tool too. In this feature, AI voice will resemble a lot like your voice. So, you don’t need to spend a bunch of time doing voiceovers. This tool will automatically do it for you.

Moreover, it has apps for Android and iPhone. So, you can edit and generate videos wherever you want through this tool.

The only downfall of this tool is it doesn’t provide as many customization options as other advanced tools provide. This limited control of your video can be a bit frustrating sometimes.

2.   AppyPie

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Appy Pie is another amazing tool that converts your static picture into lifelike videos. It accurately predicts motion paths and adds movements to your pictures. It adds transitions, effects and animations to your images and they will feel like a video.

Not only this, you can add voiceovers and sound effects too in your videos. AI can also clone your voice-overs so they will sound like you. This will save you from recording voiceovers repetitively. You can customize your videos as you want. It includes making pic to video ai free

Not only this, but the output of this tool has high resolution. Its quality is so good that you can display videos easily on small and large screens without any worries. Its customization tools allow you to decide the length, sound and text of your videos.

You need only basic editing skills to use this tool so every beginner and advanced editor can use this software without any worries. The only downfall is that it has limitations on video lengths and customization options when compared to other professional tools.


3.   Sora

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Sora is a project of OpenAI that is an advanced video editor. It accepts texts, pictures and videos as input and converts them into high-resolution videos. Just like all other projects of OpenAI, this tool can also bring advancement and innovation in the tech field. You can get different styles of videos such as widescreen or pic to video ai free.

It also allows you to edit your videos manually. If you don’t like the output, you can edit it rigorously on the tool. You can add animations, typography, visual styles, color schemes and a lot more. With it, you can add sounds to your videos too.

It can create videos for up to one minute. So, you can grow in the industry through shorts with the help of this tool. It also allows you to collaborate with your team members on different video projects.

Unfortunately, this tool is not available to the public at this moment. Only “Red Team” which consists of a few tech experts, filmmakers and content creators are using this tool. OpenAI is making sure that this tool is safe for the public. So, they are taking their time to ensure the safety and effectiveness of this tool.

They also don’t have given us clear pricing guidelines. So, we don’t know if Sora is free or not. When this tool is launched, then we can know about it very well.


4.   ZMO

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Just like Sora, ZMO is also an advanced AI video generator that takes pictures pic to video ai free, texts and videos as input. You can get realistic high-resolution videos from this tool with just a few clicks and within a few moments. It just needs you to upload your picture and in return, it will give you the videos.

It can add sound effects, filters, animations, transitions and other elements to your video, and will make it life-like. You need to upload a high-resolution picture and the tool will give you the results. With it, you can also give text to give commands on how to turn your picture into a video.

This tool is free to use and has various other features too. These are picture editing, anime generation, manga generation, pokemon characters generation and much more. All of these features are free to use in this tool.

It also has apps for Android and iPhone mobiles. You can use it on Mac, mobiles, and web browsers.

Just like Sora, this tool is also not launched at this moment. ZMO is also taking time to make this tool highly advanced and useful for the users. At this moment, you can become part of their waiting list. For this, you need to follow these steps.

First, go to the ZMO website on Google.

Then, click on the “Products” present on the top. When you click on it, a drop-down menu will come in front of you. From there, select AI Video Generators.

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When you click on it, a new page will come up. On this page, you can add your email address. In this way, you can become a part of their waiting list.

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5.   Steve.AI

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Steve.AI has almost 2 million users around the globe, making it famous among large audiences. It accepts text, videos and photo input and gives you lifelike videos. You can add a prompt with your photos so that they can convert into pictures within a few clicks.

You can find more than 100 video templates on this platform. These templates can help you in making high-quality videos that will hook your audience. These templates will add unique aspects to your videos. When you upload your picture, you can select the template you want for your video.

There is royalty-free music, animations, different styles of texts, transitions and much more. It can create a photo slideshow for you with all these video elements.


These are five advanced tools that can convert your pictures into high-quality videos. You don’t need any editing skills or a professional person to use these tools. Just sign up there and do different experiments. You will eventually learn the tool.

Do remember that if any tool doesn’t give you satisfactory results, you need to write a more detailed prompt for it. You need to explain what you want in more detail. In this way, you can get pic to video ai free.


Is ZMO AI Video Generator free to use?

Yes! This tool is free to use.

When Sora is opening for the Public?

There is no official information regarding it. This can take a few months of 2024.

Are AI Video Generators Safe to Use?

Yes, they have privacy guidelines and their system is also secure. So, you don’t need to worry here.