Midjourney is a creative lighthouse in the ever-expanding field of AI art generators. Few software and applications can compare to the absolute brilliance that it brings to the table, despite others trying to emulate its abilities. However, Midjourney does have a $10 monthly fee, just like any other premium service that is worth its weight in gold. But do not be alarmed; what you receive in exchange is very amazing.


With its AI-powered image generator, Midjourney has lifted the curtain on the art of expression, providing a platform that transforms words into aesthetically spectacular works of art. It’s more than simply a tool; it’s a key to opening the door to our collective buried creative genius. It’s a playground of limitless opportunities for aspiring artists, where inventiveness and creativity are combined with a hint of AI.

Naturally, not everybody will be praising Midjourney. While some may be unhappy about the switch to a paid model, others may long for more individualised assistance. But have no fear, reader—there are a tonne of options available in the broad zone of AI art generation.

Though Midjourney’s freemium model may have ended, there’s still plenty of adventure ahead. Now, take a plunge, explore, and unleash your creative potential with these alluring substitutes that are sure to wow and amaze at every angle. After all, your creativity is your only restriction when it comes to AI image development.


After scouring eagerly across the internet, from the oldest to the newest, from the most diverse to the most streamlined, our team has brought you solutions that will spark your creativity without breaking the bank. Now, come around as we present the top ten Midjourney substitutes, most of whom are free and each a treasure in its own right!

10 Best Midjourney Alternatives

Without further ado, here are the top 10 mid-journey alternatives:

  1. ZMO.AI Generator:

ZMO AI Generator stands out amongst all other Midjourney alternatives because of its multifaceted functions. ZMO goes over and above with a variety of extra categories, but its strong text-to-image capacity mimics Midjourney’s expertise in creating lifelike characters of different shapes and sizes. ZMO provides a wide range of tools to enable creative expression, including realistic photos, animation, SDXL, vector illustrations, free form, and 3D modelling.


What sets ZMO apart is its unique twist on the Midjourney alternative, aptly named “Magic Journey.” This enchanting feature infuses projects with unparalleled design and flair, ensuring each creation bears the unmistakable mark of individuality. With a mere prompt or command, users can expect to elicit awe and admiration from viewers as ZMO’s AI generator conjures up mesmerising photos and characters that captivate their imagination and send shivers down their spines.

How to Generate Images from ZMO AI Generator

Generating a personalised image from ZMO’s magic journey category is as easy as counting ABC. Follow these steps to create stunning photos for your personal catalogue or business:

Step 1:

On the ZMO site, look for the “Product” drop-down menu that appears on the left side of the page. As a result, customers will be able to access a variety of product-related features and details via the user interface of the website.

Step 2:

Move through and choose the “AI art generator” section.


Step 3:

On the newly opened page, choose “Magic Journey.” Indicate the number of photos needed and the size and quality of the canvas you desire in order to ensure customised results that exactly meet the needs of your project.


Here are examples of prompts you can employ to get the best results:

Prompt 1:

Transport the viewer to a lush, otherworldly forest illuminated by the soft glow and tranquilly of bioluminescent flora and fauna. Let the vibrant colours and ethereal atmosphere captivate the imagination.



Prompt 2:  

Capture the dynamic energy of a bustling cityscape at twilight, where skyscrapers pierce the sky and neon lights reflect off rain-slicked streets. Embrace the juxtaposition of urban chaos and serene beauty.



Prompt 3:

Immerse the audience in a dreamlike seascape, where azure waters meet golden sands and a fiery sunset sets the horizon ablaze. Envelop the viewer in a sense of wonder.


  1. DALL- E:

The creative minds behind Bing Image Generator gave birth to DALL-E 3, an upgrade of DALL-E 2. When it first appeared, it was a paradigm shift, enthralling users with its unmatched ability to create beautiful visual art. Held up as a strong rival to websites such as Midjourney,

Best of all, DALL-E 3 can comprehend your cue and combine different ideas, styles, and characteristics to produce an original image that will take you by surprise. In my opinion, DALL-E 3 is a highly potent text-to-image AI art generator, and it is highly recommended to be used instead of Midjourney.

Beyond its easy interaction with Bing Image Creator and other Microsoft-supported platforms, DALL-E 3 stands out for having strong content integrity measures. With protections in place to stop the creation of offensive or mature imagery, people can confidently follow their creative impulses.

  1. Stable AI Diffusion:

Stable Diffusion, an AI art generator created by Stability AI, stands out for its cost-free accessibility and consumer-level hardware compatibility. It creates images from text or photographs with ease. Users may customise details with ease thanks to powerful capabilities that are enhanced by Stable Diffusion XL. Its collection of creative ideas encourages originality while producing professional-calibre photographs quickly and easily. The tool ensures unique and adaptable results by supporting transformations from text to image as well as picture to image. When it comes to AI art generation, stable diffusion stands out as a dependable and approachable choice that offers countless creative options free from hardware or budgetary restrictions.

  1. Adobe Firefly:

Adobe, a pioneer in digital graphics, has launched Adobe Firefly, an AI model intended to compete with Midjourney in the creation of images, carrying on its tradition of innovation. A variety of tools are available with Firefly, such as sketch-to-image, vector recoloring, and text-to-image production. Firefly’s Text to Image tool, which is still under development but is now available for free to all users, enables prompt-based image creation in a variety of styles, including art, graphic, and photo. It does a better job of creating concepts and landscapes than it does with human figures, but it is still not as photorealistic as Midjourney. In spite of this, Firefly’s speed and adaptability when creating images are impressive.

  1. Jasper Art AI:

Among Mid Journey substitutes, Jasper Art AI stands out due to its simple interface and watermark-free picture creation. With a range of customisable styles, emotions, and mediums, users can explore their creativity. It is noteworthy that it produces photos in a matter of seconds, making it one of the fastest in its class. With alternatives like the Creator bundle at $49/month and Teams at $125/month, pricing does tend to be on the higher side. Quick image production, an intuitive user interface, and watermark-free photos are important qualities.

  1. Bing Image Creator:

Microsoft has incorporated AI image generation into Bing AI Chat, allowing users to create images directly within the chat interface. Powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and 2 models, it operates in “creative” mode. While free, it limits users to 25 image generations per day, with slower output after the limit. Despite drawbacks like lower quality and difficulty with human faces, Bing Image Creator offers a quick, free alternative to Midjourney for generating AI images, particularly suited for abstract concepts.

  1. Leonardo.AI

With text and image suggestions, Leonardo AI, a platform for producing and sharing high-quality photos, provides AI-based image production. With a single tap, its Prompt Generation feature generates up to eight fresh ideas, extending the reach of text prompts. Options for pricing meet a range of needs: 150 images can be created per day with the free version; higher limits are available with subscription plans. Leonardo.In contrast to Midjourney, AI offers tools for creating game assets and access to proprietary and in-house models, along with capabilities like Alchemy for picture customisation. It is a strong substitute for Midjourney since it is excellent at accurately creating human faces.

  1. NightCafe:

Not merely a website, NightCafe serves as a portal to several text-to-image models, including DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. It streamlines the procedure, in contrast to Midjourney, by taking written instructions or photos and turning them into artwork fit for a museum. NightCafe’s distinctive fusion of artificial intelligence, social networking, and gamification draws both novices and artists with its user-friendly interface and daily credits for style transfers. Plans for subscriptions provide credits; packs are offered separately. In particular, models such as DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion are notable for their ability to assert copyright.

  1. Playground AI:

With its own Playground v2 model, Stable Diffusion XL, and Stable Diffusion 1.5, Playground AI distinguishes itself as an approachable AI image maker that can accommodate a variety of creative requirements. Its affordable price makes it accessible, and its user-friendly design guarantees that users of all skill levels may use it with ease. It is noteworthy as it customises art for the NFT market, giving customers confidence in ownership. Even with several restrictions, such as the free version’s inability to use the DALL-E model, it’s a great option that produces photos rapidly and without a wait time. For $15 a month, Playground AI’s premium subscription is a very good substitute for Midjourney.

  1. Lexica AI:

The AI-generated image generator Lexica has a sophisticated model called Aperture v3.5 that works really well for taking portraits. It also functions as a search engine for images produced by stable diffusion. Users on Lexica AI can create up to 100 photographs each month for free, or they can choose to create an infinite number of images for $10 per month. Because of its models’ excellent image quality, Lexica is a viable substitute for Midjourney.


While Midjourney switches to a subscription model, there are other options that provide a variety of creative expression features, such as ZMO.AI Generator, Playground AI, and others. Users can explore countless possibilities using ZMO’s Magic Journey and Playground AI’s NFT focus, ushering in a new era of AI art development.