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The high cost can hinder newbies from starting drop shipping under budget and eat on the profit.

AI in Lifestyle Images

Thanks to technology, new companies have emerged that help drop shippers get lifestyle images for their clients with just a few clicks.

Are These Images Worth it?

tried one of the leading companies in this area, where I registered for a free account and sent my pajamas images below.

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And I received ready-to-use copyright-free lifestyle images below, with a few clicks.

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Benefits of Using AI Models

1. Time-Saving
As someone who has been selling products online for more than six years, I appreciate the hustle drop shippers go through to produce high-quality images to use.
First, you need to find a company backed with past customer reviews, which may take time since different lifestyle image producers specialize in specific niches.
Then you need to ship the product from your manufacturer to the company, which may take even more than a month.
Sometimes you have to wait for months after the company receives the product if they have a backlog of the projects ahead of yours.
With AI models, all you need to do is upload images of your products right from your computer and get great photos for your site with a few clicks.

2. Cost-Effective

Shipping a single product from the manufacturer to your photographer costs higher than shipping in bulk.
The company needs management, photographers, models, advertisers, and many more people on the payroll, affecting the cost upward.
When using AI models, you first receive a free trial which can go a long way for those testing the water like those in print on demand business.
After the trial period, you will be paying just a few dollars, which helps you keep most of the well-earned profits.

3. Copyright Free

Sometimes people try to use lifestyle images from other sites to avoid paying a hectic service fee for the pictures. Unfortunately, this can prove problematic, especially for those selling on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.
You have the copyright for the images you receive from the AI models protecting you from any eventuality in the future.

4. Customization

After sending your products and receiving your lifestyle images, there is little you can do if you don’t like the result.
If you need changes in the future to align the images with different customer bases, you will need to repeat the whole process right from the start.
With the AI models, you can customize your models as many times as you wish to meet your needs and the needs of various target audiences.

The Drawback of AI Models

Work Only with Fashion Niche
You can only use the AI models only for products in the fashion niche at the moment, which is a drawback for those who sell in other niches.
Final Thought

The product is excellent for those looking to cut expenses and increase their return margin.

Please drop your review in the comment section after giving it a trial. I hope to read your views in the comment section!