People make countless buying decisions every day in a blink of an eye. They didn’t think before buying because something’s appearance impacted them. This phenomenon has more to do with the product’s visual appeal than the actual quality or utility. While in a physical store, products can be seen, touched, and tried, but that is not the case with e-commerce stores. In fashion e-commerce, your whole business stands on how your product looks online.

It takes about 13 milliseconds for our brain to process an image, and that is your window to get into their head with your professional product photos and prompt them to buy without thinking. It’s great that you have a high-quality fashion product, but it will not sell if you don’t present it well. This article discusses 7 things you need to do to get professional product photos for your fashion eCommerce website.

The Problem…

When you have so many different products, it is normal to cut corners on product photography because you just want to be over with it. You will not sit around brainstorming each product image and trying to improve it. The bad news is that you have to do it regardless. Good news: We have a faster solution provided in this article.

7 Key Factors to Get Professional Product Photos

Product photos are supposed to do two things. They visually represent your product’s looks from various angles and reflect your brand’s identity, professionalism, and quality. A great product photo automatically builds trust in fashion e-commerce because a customer’s primary concern is quality, and great images provide surety and increase your conversion. That is why you need to do this part right!

Let’s keep it concise and discuss the factors that improve your fashion product photos.

1. Focus on the composition of a product photo

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Composition is what separates a great photo from an average one. The way everything is aligned in the frame, the subject’s placement, geometrical symmetry, and psychological patterns collectively make the product photo great. 

Most product photos have a subject (product) at the center because that is all they care about. It is a great way, but you can give yourself creative freedom in fashion photography. You can put models away from the center of the frame, change poses and come up with unique and unexplored photography ideas to make your product images feel lively. Don’t be normal because customers in the fashion industry want something different. Give them!

2. Use different angles and poses for the product image

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Your photos don’t have to be normal. As we explained, customers in the fashion industry always look for something different and unique (that is the whole purpose of fashion). Your brand should make them feel this way by being different from most brands. Use different angles and poses to put life into your fashion product images. Who said you need a model in the center of a white background? Change your shooting angles and give your models creative space to try various poses or if you are using ZMO, choose different poses on A.I generated model images. Make sure that the experience feels unique and lively!

3. Images must have a high resolution

High resolution image

High-resolution images are the bare minimum for a fashion e-commerce store, and it’s surprising how many brands continue with poor-quality images and expect good conversion. You won’t build trust if your customers can’t see your product closely from all angles. Product images are supposed to simulate a typical shopping experience, and high-quality images are the least you can do.

A high resolution also makes your fashion pieces look high, so make sure you use an excellent camera for shooting. If using ZMO, we already provide the highest quality AI-generated images.

4. Choose the perfect background for your image

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Most product images have a plain white or grey background, which seems to work pretty well in most cases, but you are not looking to build just another brand. The background is a great way to level up your fashion photography. Use a lively set that resonates with the clothing products you sell. The background gives meaning to your image so use it well. For example, if you shoot photos of a red dress, you can use similar or contrasting colors in the background to create a vibe. That vibe represents your brand identity, and plain photos don’t do a great job of doing this unless your brand identity is about simplicity.

5. Ensure excellent lighting and detail on the product

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Lighting is indirectly related to all the factors listed here. It is a ‘make or break’ for fashion product photos. Whether you are changing poses, angles, background, resolution, or anything else, lighting affects all of them and needs to be adjusted to get a great photo. Great lighting highlights the critical details of the clothing products and offers customers a deeper look into the creative genius you’ve put into your products.

6. Use multiple fashion models of different ethnicities

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It is hard for startups to hire multiple models, let alone hire from various nationalities. It doesn’t financially make sense for a startup to spend so much on hiring models, but it offers multiple benefits in building a global brand identity. To sell globally, you should use product images of different ethnicities.

Having multiple models automatically makes you look professional because you have sufficient funds to invest in product images which means you also have a high-quality product. This might not be true for all cases, but if you are building an online e-commerce business in the fashion industry, that’s how your customers make their decisions.

7. Create a vibe with your images

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All the points we’ve explained above lead to our last factor that will affect the conversion. Create a vibe. Use your background, lighting, multiple models, different ethnicities, image composition, poses, angles, and other factors to create a whole vibe that reflects your brand identity. Your product photo must make them visualize themselves in it and explore the vibe you create in your images. That’s how you sell. Customers will place orders without a second thought because your clothes fit the vibe in their heads… Thanks to your excellent product images!


You should think about your whole process thoroughly. Figure out your brand colors, identity, your idea, and then decide on backgrounds and lighting accordingly. This process takes time and is extremely costly if you want to do it right but yields the best returns. On the other hand, if you are using ZMO.AI to generate your fashion product images, you can save 90% of your cost and get the freedom to choose backgrounds, models, ethnicity, skin tones, poses, and so much more. If you are a startup fashion e-commerce store, this is your perfect chance to generate high-quality images using AI and save your time and resources.

These seven factors will improve your product images and increase your buying conversion by a mile!

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