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Free AI Image Generator
To Create AI Art

Generate Stunning AI Art, Image, Anime, Realistic Photos From Text or Image
with a click of a button

Trusted by 1,000,000+ users worldwide

A full suite of Powerful AI Image Generator

Generate, remove, expand, or edit images like a pro with AI magic

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Fantasy Adventurer Results
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Witch 3
Studio-quality Photo

AI Photo Generator

Get flawless portait AI photo taken by our AI Photo Generator. No more visit to the photo studio and turn one photo to endless styles for all social media. Save money, save time. You can also generate this person does not exist with AI Photo Generator.

As simple as a snap

AI Photo Editor

Say goodbye to Photoshop and edit image like magic with ZMO AI Photo Editor. Simply erase out the part you want to modify and input text prompt, AI Photo Editor will 'photoshop' the part seamlessly in seconds. Endless background, clothes and even facial expression edit with our app as well.

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Generative FIll
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let AI 10x efficiency

AI Background Changer

Generate realistic, studio-quality background with one click, which match the lighting of original foreground and boost conversion

This AI background changer is best suited for content creators and marketers for ecommerce business and alike. 

You can take a simple photo with your phone and convert it into a a lifestyle image with different backgrounds.

remove cleanly

Background Remover

Most accurate online background remover for free. Remove background in 3 seconds with just one click

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What our users think about us


Naveed Rehman

Once again, you have surprised us by making this wonderful application of AI ! 🤘 I have shared it with my blogger friends. Congratulations on the launch 😊 Keep up the good work ✌️


As someone who often has some special picture needs, this website has really helped me a lot, helped me solve a lot of trouble, can almost meet my work needs, it is a very exciting website, highly recommended

Dilan Abeywardena

I've been using ZMO team's products since the private beta and it has already exceeded my expectations. The tool, the team, the vision: all great! Really looking forward to what ZMO team has coming next.

Aryan Khan

The system is exceptionally fast and responsive, giving you beautiful images in seconds. Great Ai art generator with a great team behind it. The guys behind it are quite nice and work on it a lot and update it frequently. Very open and transparent about their goals.

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AI Art Generator FAQ

What is an AI art generator?

An AI art generator refers to a software application or tool that uses artificial intelligence, particularly neural networks, to create or assist in creating visual art. These generators can produce images, paintings, drawings, or patterns based on input data or prompts, leading to innovative and often unexpected results. is an AI Art generator developed by ZMO.AI – you can use to generate art, image, anime, realistic photos, royalty free images and much more.

How does an AI art generator work?

The AI art generator works using algorithms, primarily based on neural networks like generative adversarial networks (GANs). The process involves training the neural network on vast datasets of existing art pieces. Once trained, the network can generate new pieces by understanding patterns, styles, and elements of the art it was trained on. By providing a prompt or tweaking parameters, users can guide the AI towards specific artistic results.

It is quite easy to use – all you need to do is describe your wanted images using text or provide an image reference and leave the rest to us.

Are artworks produced by AI art generators truly original?

The concept of originality in AI-generated art is complex. While the outputs are unique and not directly copied from the training dataset, they are derived from patterns, styles, and features the AI learned during its training phase. Thus, while the pieces are new and distinct, they are influenced by the data on which the AI was trained. Some argue that true originality requires human intention and emotion, but others see AI-generated art as a new form of collaborative creativity.

How can artists use AI art generators to enhance their work?

Artists can use AI art generators in various ways. They can use the technology as a tool to generate initial ideas, patterns, or templates that they can further refine manually. Additionally, AI can help artists break out of creative blocks by suggesting unconventional combinations or styles. Moreover, artists can collaborate with AI in real-time, allowing for a fusion of human creativity and machine precision.

Can I use art generated by for commercial purposes?

Yes, you own all the images generated by you. And right now there is not a specific regulation specifies that AI Generated Images not to be used for commercial purposes. As long as you adhere to the platform of which you are posting your images to, you are free to use the images generated by for any purpose you would like.

Is it free to use AI art generator?

Yes, you can use the AI Art Generator free of charge with certain limits. If you would like to explore all the features included in the paid premium version, you can get more information via this link :

Can I get a refund ?

Due to the nature of the product, there is no refund. However, if you have special needs or are encountering issues related to payment. You can submit a ticket to – and one of our support agents will be happy to help you

Help, something is broken!

You can talk to our AI bot at the right bottom side of the product page. Or, if the problem persisits, you can also send an email to