Free AI Photo Generator

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Free AI Photo Generator

This is not merely another text to image generator. Creati upgrade any photo to best face, clothes and background in one tap.

Easily get AI reface, AI outfit and AI background without any skills 

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Introducing ZMO's unparalleled AI Photo Generator

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Introuducing ZMO's Free AI Photo Generator App

Unlock the power of AI with Creati, ZMO's revolutionary Free AI Photo Generator. Say goodbye to unwanted expressions as Creati effortlessly refaces your photos, transforming fleeting frowns into picture-perfect smiles.

But that's not all - dive into the world of fashion with our outfit generating feature, or elevate your online presence with professional-grade profile headshots. No technical skills? No problem! Just upload your photo and let Creati do the magic. Start your journey towards flawless photos today!

Reface Your Smile From Bad Photo

With Creati, you can effortlessly turn a less-than-perfect smile in any photo into a radiant, confidence-boosting masterpiece. Say goodbye to self-consciousness about your smile in pictures and hello to a flawless grin that shines. 

Creati's advanced AI technology delivers your enhanced smile in moments. Whether it's for a last-minute profile update or a cherished photo you want to share, your perfect reface smile is just seconds away.

You don't need to be a tech wizard or a professional photo editor to use Creati. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can achieve a stunning smile makeover with just a few clicks. Empower yourself reface smiles without any prior skills or experience.

Reface feature
AI outfit feature

Various AI Outfits Generating

With a variety of style filters to choose from, Creati offers a tailored fashion exploration that aligns perfectly with your personal taste. Whether you're into casual, formal, vintage, or futuristic styles, you have the power to explore and visualize how different AI outfits look on you without any commitment.

Creati ensures your generated outfits are presented in the best possible light, showcasing you in high-quality, realistic visuals. This feature elevates your experience by providing clear, detailed images that enhance your ability to make informed fashion choices. You can also become a model with a pretty appearance.

Never worry about messy background

High-tech researched by ZMO's Expect in AI background changer. AI background in Creati can save time and enhance productivity by effortlessly choosing from a vast array of backgrounds in bulk, ensuring you find the perfect setting for every product image without the need for manual, time-consuming adjustments. This feature allows you to streamline your workflow and focus more on creativity and less on tedious tasks.

Elevate the visual appeal of your product images with stunning, high-resolution backgrounds that capture attention and entice viewers. The ability to generate high-quality backgrounds ensures your products are showcased in the best light, making them more appealing to potential customers and ultimately boosting your sales and brand image.

AI background
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Get Creati AI Photo Geenrator now!

Get your Professional AI Photo Studio in your mobile phone no matter where you are!

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Why need ZMO AI Photo Generator

Four feature to enhance your photo with Creati free AI photo generator

Studio Quality

Able to achieve effects on par with professional photo studios.

For entreneurs

Save cost and get higher quality image generated by AI.

Various function

Multiple professional AI photo generating function

Bulk templates

Boasts a vast array of templates for users to utilize.

Reface feature


The AI reface feature allows your mistakenly captured photos to return to smiles.

Outfit feature

AI Outfit

Professional-grade AI outfit technology enables AI photo generation to achieve studio-quality effects.

Outfit feature

AI Background

Bulk template with studio effect for background generating.


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out off all the ones I tried so far this gave not best but certainly a very good result. 👌

Jayesh Bhootda

Best ai tools ever, it generated a cool professional photo for me

Oluwatimileyin Peter

Where Creativity Meets Simplicity The combination of stunning quality, a user-friendly interface, and blazing-fast speed makes it an absolute joy to use. The app is intuitive and uncluttered, making it accessible even for non-tech-savvy users like myself. I can jump right in and start creating without getting bogged down by complex menus or settings. 5 Stars..

Siva Kumar GV

How To Reface And Generate AI Outfits In Creati

  1. Download Creati App in the App store and upload your photo in the Creati. 
  2. Choose Style, Clothing or Retouch function and select one filter in the templates.
  3. After generation you can decide what next steps. Then you can use AI background change function and other AI function.


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AI Reface is a cutting-edge feature that uses artificial intelligence to alter facial expressions in photos. It can transform any frown, blink, or any undesired expression into a smile or a more appealing look, making your photos look their best.

The AI Outfit Generator utilizes advanced AI algorithms to suggest or overlay new outfits onto your existing photos. Based on the input photo and possibly selected preferences, it generates clothing options that match your style or the occasion, simulating a high-quality, virtual fitting room experience.

Creati is quite versatile, their effectiveness may vary depending on the quality and specifics of the photos uploaded. For best results, use clear, well-lit photos where subjects are clearly visible.

We provide 16 credits for the first trial. And you can decide what package you need to buy.