Have you ever changed the background of your picture or modified the details of the picture for a day or even longer? Are you tired of spending hours searching for the perfect background image for your design projects? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to the best and free AI background generator that will revolutionize your creative process. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or content creator, even you are beginner having access to high-quality backgrounds can make all the difference in capturing your audience’s attention. We will experience the AI background changing service with few seconds. Let’s get started and quickly learn about the AI background generator.

Quickly background remove

AI Background Genrator Introduction

AI Background Genrator Introduction

The AI background generator is a hypothetical tool that would use artificial intelligence to generate or create backgrounds or backdrops, probably for visual media. These could range from simple color gradients for graphic design to complex, photorealistic images for video games or virtual reality. The specifics would depend on the capabilities of the specific AI being used. As of now, no specific product named “AI Background Generator” exists. If you’re referring to a specific tool, please provide more information. 

Key Factor Of AI Background Genrator

In the realm of artificial intelligence-facilitated photo editing, a crucial question arises for the end-users. This question revolves around the critical factors that significantly contribute to the functionality of the background generator mechanism.

Indeed, a multitude of pivotal elements come into play when a user engages with this kind of AI-driven photo editing software – specifically, the background generator feature. These factors profoundly influence the ease of navigation and overall utility of such a tool, thereby determining the outcome of the final edited photo.

It is thus extremely pertinent for the users to clearly identify these critical aspects within the background generator mechanism while operating AI photo editing software. Such recognition will fulfill an instrumental role in guiding optimal use of this technology, ensuring successful integration of the tool and subsequently enriching the overall user experience. In turn, this knowledge will maintain an enhanced level of satisfaction in the user’s interaction with the software, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of their photo-editing endeavors.


For the photo editing, the complex image may annoying too much photographer for the each side’s detail. Because it need to waste too much time on editing. So in the sample image we provide below, it shows a fascinating girl with brown and fine hair. We can clearly see the ends of the hair. It will cost so much time on the hair editing. You need to erase and add the layer to make the image clean and nature. Therefore, a good AI photo editor can handle and identify the detail of every corner well. It is a tedious and mammoth work to edit with this work. But you can finish the work with AI background generator just within few seconds.

Photo before using background remover


After AI background generator identify the main element in the image. They will remove the original image background. A good AI background generator can generate the nature with gentle color to fit the main element you choose and you can search the background you want. However, for the most AI background generator can not generate the background they want precisely. Except manual editing, the quality of changing background may also takes a lot of time to generate and try to type different description to get your the most satisfaction background. Although compare to the manual work it can save much time, but it is also keep a low efficiency.

Bad background changing

Bad AI Background generator

ZMO background generator

Good AI background generator

AI Background Generator Comparison

When it comes to handling complex image effects, the background generator capabilities can make all the difference. A deep understanding of AI algorithms and an extensive training dataset are essential in order to achieve accurate and realistic results. Comparing various AI background generators provides a unique opportunity to explore their individual strengths and weaknesses.

One aspect worth considering is the level of customization offered by different generators. Some may provide pre-set themes or categories, while others allow users to upload their own images for personalized backgrounds. Additionally, the ability to adjust parameters such as lighting, color grading, and focus can greatly enhance the final output. By comparing these options, users can find a generator that aligns with their specific creative vision.

Another important factor is how well these generators handle complex scenarios. Some AI models may struggle when it comes to dealing with crowded or intricate images, resulting in distorted or unrealistic backgrounds. On the other hand, more advanced algorithms may be able to seamlessly blend intricate details into a cohesive background without sacrificing quality or accuracy. This aspect becomes particularly relevant for those working with professional photography or graphic design projects that demand precise and impeccable results.

In conclusion, comparing different AI background generators enables users to uncover hidden gems among them – ones that not only fit their specific requirements but also have a strong capability of handling complex image effects effectively. By analyzing factors like customization options and competency in managing intricate scenes, individuals can identify tools that will empower them in achieving stunning visuals in an efficient manner. So let’s us try top AI background generator in google and try to change the pretty girl image background into the street.


Picsart is an Armenian-American technology company based in Miami, Florida and Yerevan, Armenia that develops the Picsart suite of online photo and video editing applications, with a social creative community. The platform allows users to take and edit pictures and videos, draw with layers, and share the images on Picsart and other social networks.

picsart background changing
hair detail e1697703119277

Detail For The Hair

After this background removing by Picsart AI background generator, you can clearly see the hair end with nature texture and it also erase the messy area to make the image after removing more clean. It’s a cool idea! Picsart also offers the easy design for their user. But for one thing you need to notice is that this function only available for paid customer. If you have few images to edit, you have to consider whether you need to buy.

Background Changing

As the image shown, Picsart perform well for background changing. Natural texture and image generated. You can also edit the detail in this tool. If you do not know which background is suitable for you. They can provide you template for you to refer. Even their can allow you to search in their data library. And you can select the most suitable background for your background removed image. By the way, there also some charge function in it.

Picsart background changed

Pro For Picsart

  1. Nice performance for background removing
  2. Multiple choice for background selection
  3.  Sufficient sample for using

Cons for Picsart

  1. Limited function for free version user
  2. Each function has separate chargeable item


Remove.bg is a free online tool that uses AI to automatically remove backgrounds from images in just 5 seconds. It offers features like making backgrounds transparent or adding a white background to photos. Remove.bg integrates with popular design programs and eCommerce sites and provides an API for efficient workflow integration. The tool is designed to save time and enhance creativity by quickly and easily removing image backgrounds.

Removebg background design
removebg image

Detail for the hair

Removebg remains the origin image main element after background removing. Compared to the Piscart, the removebg AI background doesn’t shows any fault of abstracting. If you closely watch the photo, you may find this abstracted image is flawless. But the fatal disadvantage is that the Removebg image after removing seems to blur in purposive. You need to login to get the enhanced image. And after you login it is still blur the picture.

Background Changing

As the picture shown, the background they provide can let the image perfectly merge. Its natural showing makes the image stunning and you can’t find any correct tracks. However, the Removebg just provide simple choice for the user and if you want to find out special background, you can not fulfill your requirement. You have to find the sample background for your background generating.

removebg background changing

Pro For Removebg

  1. Preserve the quality of the image itself
  2.  Adapt to the background

Cons For Removebg

  1. Login to get high-res image
  2. Blur image for editing
  3. Monotonous background for choosing


ZMO.AI has the mature experience in AI photo editor. For the AI background generator, ZMO’ s products have been selected by million users. No matter who the professional photographer or beginner you are, you can easily use the ZMO’s AI photo editing and AI background generating. So let’s us begin to explore the ZMO’s AI background generator!

ZMO's AI background generator
ZMOs AI background generator 2

Detail for the hair

In the ZMO’s AI background generator, you just login to get the sufficient daily credits to use. If you just edit for yourself, it is absolutely enough for you using. For the function using the ZMO’s interface, every function is free-using. For the image background removing, you can find the image is quite clear for editing. And after you upload the image, ZMO’s AI background generator remove your image background automatically with the delicate texture and layer for you next editing. You can notice the detail of this girl’s hair. It is clean and complete. 

Changing Background

Recently ZMO has published a new function that you can choose background changing style for the AI generating background. You can enter the keyword for the background what you want and the AI background generator producing the background you needed. First you search the data library and ZMO’s AI photo editor can display what style you may interested in. After you choose the style background it will generate background automatically related to your background. It is very cool and free for user. The user has various choice to choose the best background for their element. Compared to the Picsart, ZMO’s AI background generator has more choice than Picsart

ZMO's AI background changing
ZMO background changing

More background choices


  1. All function free-use
  2. Clean design and ease of use
  3.  Background Generating choice
  4. High-quality image editing with AI-powered tool

ZMO.AI Cons:

  1. Daily limited credits

Besides the AI background changing, ZMO’s AI photo editor also provide many function such like generative fill and magic remover. With this AI-power tool it will make your image more delicate and stunning!
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