Passport Size Photo Maker

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Passport Size Photo Maker

Resize Your Passport Photo in 3 seconds using AI for Free

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How to Resize Your Photo to Passport Size?


Drag and drop JPEG or PNG images onto the page to upload them to our AI photo editor.

2.Preset image size

Click on the Resize button and adjust the size of the image as needed; we also offer a variety of templates.

3.Fit the photo

Adjust the size of your uploaded image until it fits the template dimensions and download the passport size photo.

Create Various Template Passport Size Photo In Seconds With ZMO.AI Passport Size Photo Maker

Try ZMO’s Passport Photo Maker to effortlessly convert your regular pictures into professional passport photos.
ZMO.AI quickly identifies and isolates the subject, removes the background, and applies a clean white backdrop in a single click, requiring no technical know-how.
Offering three different sizes to comply with the standard US passport, ID, and driver’s license photo dimensions internationally, ZMO simplifies the process. Just upload your picture to the appropriate template, and let ZMO handle the rest, making passport photo preparation hassle-free.

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Get Your Professional Passport Size Photo In Passport Size Photo Maker APP

Creati, a leader in professional headshot portraits, introduces the Passport Size Photo Maker app. This advanced tool simplifies the process of obtaining your passport-size photo, ensuring a hassle-free experience. By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, the app is crafted to deliver precise, high-quality results swiftly, meeting the strictest standards. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of customizable templates to suit your specific preferences and requirements, ensuring that your passport photo meets both professional and global standards with ease.


Passport Size Photo Maker FAQs

What is a Passport Size Photo Maker?

A Passport Size Photo Maker is an application or online service that allows users to create and edit photos to meet the size requirements for passport photos. Users can upload their own photos and then adjust them to the specific dimensions and background color required.

Can I use Passport Size Photo Maker for free?

Of course, you can use 30 daily free credits in our AI photo editor. If you want to generate your passport portrait in our app and we also provide sufficient credits for user using.

How do I choose the right size for my passport photo?

Before using passport photo maker, you need to learn about your country passport size and get the detail of passport size. And you just need to adjust the size in our passport photo maker.

Can I change the background color of my photo?

Yes, our Passport Size Photo Makers include AI background changer to automatically or manually change the background color to a solid color, often requiring a plain white or light blue background for passport photos.

Is it possible to edit my photo within the app or online service?

Yes, you can edit your passport photo in our Creati app.

Do Passport Size Photo Makers ensure compliance with government requirements?

While Passport Size Photo Makers aim to comply with general guidelines, it’s crucial for users to review their specific country’s requirements for passport photos, as regulations vary. Final compliance is the user’s responsibility.