AI Designer

2023-03-04 2023-04-06 20:09

AI Design Generator

Magic AI Redesign

Just composing elements as you want, or draw the draft. AI will re-design everything for you like a pro designer.

AI Editor Erase&

Mask out the part of image you want to edit, and type in description of final image. AI will do all the photoshop for you in realistic way.

Change Background of your images

Upload your photo no matter it’s product or portrait photo, AI will change background to anything you want in realistic way, so you save the trouble of photo-shooting!

Add details to your images

Seamlessly expand images by generating context-aware elements through descriptive text prompts.

Magic Eraser

ImgCreator AI Designer saves us thousands of dollars a week. With ImgCreator.AI, we now get inspiration, illustration assets, and full first drafts in minutes that our designers can use as the perfect valuable piece of content.