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What kind of garments can I use with ZMO.AI to generate models with? supports tops, vests, slings, outwears,shorts, trousers, dresses,and Skirts. We will be adding more product category over time.

Can I use your images for commercial use?

Yes, you can use ZMO.AI generated models for commercial use. 

What if I want to have exclusive rights to a generated model?

We offer a customized enterprize plan for companies who wants to lock down exclusive rights for certain models. You can reach out to us via Contact Us page to get more information.

What is your pricing?

You can see the most updated pricing once logged in. You can sign-up a free account at

Is ZMO.AI free to use?

Yes, you can register a free account and generated 20 credits worth of images using the basic model library. There are certain restrictions however. You can find out about the detailed information once logged in.

Do ZMO.AI offer an API for bulk generation?

Yes, we are working on an API integration, more information will be available later.

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