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AI Background Remove

Remove Background instanly using AI for Free

How to use AI Background Remover?


Place JPEG or PNG images onto the page and upload them.

2.AI Remove

Our AI instantly removes your image's background with a single click.


Once the background is removed, you can immediately download your updated image.

AI Image Background Remover

Our user-friendly, AI-powered tool can render any image with a transparent background, eliminating the necessity for Photoshop.

Contrary to common belief, removing a photo’s background doesn’t always lead to a decrease in image resolution. Our AI background remover is designed to overcome this challenge.

It allows you to strip away backgrounds from any photograph while ensuring quality enhancement, all within a matter of seconds.

Conserve your time, energy, and funds by partnering with Removal.AI.

“Removal.AI is not just about eliminating image backgrounds. We strive to help our customers envision their goals by equipping them with the tools to unleash their creativity and unlock their business potential. We’re always ready and excited to assist and collaborate with you as needed!”

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AI Background Remover FAQ

Is the AI Image Background free to use?

Indeed, this tool is entirely free to use, and you maintain the rights to all the photos you upload. It offers a platform for your creativity to flourish, delivering professional outcomes without denting your budget. Even though other professional design tools could set you back hundreds of dollars and yet remain complex to navigate, this one provides excellent results at no cost.

Where can I find my stored images?

We securely store the images you upload. This allows you to revisit your history and re-download these images without incurring the expense of GPU power to execute the same background removal process anew.

What is the maximum allowed image size for transparent background?
The maximum image upload size for the transparent background maker is 17 MB.