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Anime Creator

Design and customize your characters with no restrictions using ZMO Anime Creator

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Anime Creator with diverse models

ZMO.AI Character Generator can bring your imagination to life and create stunning characters in any style you desire

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More than 100+Styles

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High resolution with fine details

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Background control, pose control etc.

Anime Creator with 100+ models

ImgCreator is a versatile platform that provides support for an impressive variety of more than 50 unique anime styles. It encompasses a broad range of beloved genres, each rendered at a professional level of quality. This platform’s breadth of styles affords you the freedom to express your creativity in a multitude of ways. So, don’t hold back! Choose the style that resonates with you most and let your creativity flow unrestricted.

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Full Control of AI Anime Character

Utilizing the robust controlNet technology, ImgCreator Anime Maker provides extensive command over your anime creation process. It governs everything from striking the right pose and selecting the perfect color, to refining the image outline and organizing its composition.

This feature grants you the ease of manipulating your anime character’s appearance, meticulously attending to each minute detail.

Detailed Eyes, hands

ImgCreator Anime Maker places a strong emphasis on the intricate details and color schemes of anime characters. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, it allows users to hone, expand, and adjust even the smallest components within the creations of the anime character generator.

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Highest Quality Anime Creator

Infinite styles to choose

More than 100+ AI character styles model to choose from

Finest Control

Pose control, contour control, depth control etc. supported

Highest Quality

Large effort made on details refine of ai characters generation

Free Daily Generation

You will get 10 times generation for free daily

How to use anime creator

Backed up by an advanced character making model, our AI character generator creates a character you desired from entered descriptions. 

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Anime Creator FAQ

What is anime?

Anime is a specific style of animation that originated in Japan. It has become increasingly popular around the world, with a large fan base. Some of the most iconic and popular anime shows are Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon.

What is anime Creator?

Anime AI refers to animation that is created using artificial intelligence technologies. This includes AI generation of character designs, character appearance, animation frames, and narratives, as well as AI simulation of character movements and expressions.

What is an anime AI Creator?

An anime AI creator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create anime-style art and pictures automatically.

ZMO.AI’s anime AI art generator is one such tool that allows users to create anime art quickly and easily. Users can choose to create anime from text descriptions or upload an image to use as a reference. With ZMO.AI, anyone can create beautiful anime artwork without any drawing skills.

What are the benefits of using an anime creator?

Drawing anime art requires a lot of time and effort, and not everyone has the skills to do it. With ZMO.AI’s anime AI generator, you can produce beautiful anime pictures in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, you can use AI-generated anime pictures as a source of inspiration for your own creations. This can be a great way to spark new ideas.

What kind of anime images can ZMO.AI's anime creator produce?

With ZMO.AI’s anime AI art generator, you can make almost all types of anime images you can imagine- full-body anime characters, portraits, drawings, anime wallpapers, illustrations, manga, and a whole lot more. The possibilities are limitless.

How to use anime AI creator to create anime character?

To use an AI anime art generator to create an anime character, follow these general steps:
1. Find a reliable AI anime art generator like ZMO.AI
2. Input your desired character specifications in text or upload your own photo
3. Select your style filter, hit Generate and iterate
4. Save and use the generated artwork

Is there an AI turns you into anime

Of course, you can check out ZMO’s ai anime photo generator at

What is the best anime AI generator?
Best anime AI generator tools
  • ZMO.AI
  • Nijijourney
  • Midjourney.
  • DALL-E 2.
  • Stable Diffusion AI.
  • Runway ML.
How can I make AI Anime
  • Open ImgCreator.AI
  • Input prompt text
  • Choose an anime filter and Click Generate
  • Download preferred anime results
How to make your own Waifu
  1. Open the official website of ImgCreator.AI and select the Generate option.
  1. Enter the prompt to describe the characteristics of your dream Waifu and use the different pre-existing filters to make the results more accurate.
  1. Select the number of outputs you want and the option of aspect ratios, resolution and so on.
  2. Click on the Generate option to get the results.

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