AI gender swap generator

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AI Gender Swap Generator APP

Easily switch your gender from male to female, or the other way around, online with our AI gender swap filter. Make your photos come alive with realistic gender transformations, adding fun to self-discovery and giving your social media profiles a fresh look.

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Gender swap generator feature image

Get started in 3 simple steps


Upload your selfie

Download the Creati app and upload a selfie to use the gender swap feature.

Upload A Reference

The Creati APP offers you a variety of templates to choose from for a gender swap. Additionally, you have the option to upload a reference image for the gender swap. Simply select a different gender, and Creati will automatically generate the swapped image for you.

Click Generate And Enjoy Result

Click the generate button and wait for few seconds. Creati will generate precise gender swap result. Enjoy and have fun in Creati!
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Gender swap image in creati

Diverse Filter for generating stunning style AI headshots

Introducing Creati, a revolutionary portrait generator from ZMO.AI that transforms the way you experience gender swap online. With just a simple selection of a template or the upload of a reference image, Creati’s sophisticated gender swap filter technology ensures you get the most precise and realistic face swap results tailored to your desired gender. Whether you're exploring gender identity, looking for a creative twist for social media content, or just seeking some fun, Creati offers a seamless, high-quality transformation experience. Unlock the power of effortless gender exploration with Creati’s intuitive and cutting-edge features—your gateway to limitless creativity and self-discovery.

Not Only Gender Swap

AI Open Eyes Editing For Fixing Eye Closing

In addition to its awesome gender swap feature, Creati from ZMO.AI has another trick up its sleeve—it can fix your photos where you accidentally blinked. No need to worry about those otherwise perfect pictures ruined by bad timing. With Creati, just upload the photo with closed eyes, and it will work its magic. The software smartly fills in the blanks, opening those eyes to capture the moment as it was meant to be seen. It’s super easy to use and ensures that every photo looks great, blink-free. With Creati, saving your favorite moments just the way you remembered them is a breeze.

AI closed eye fix
Creati APP Post

Get Creati AI Photo Geenrator now!

Get your Professional AI Photo Studio in your mobile phone no matter where you are!

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Create Photo Studio AI Headshots

Create a unique and stylish AI-generated headshot image, perfect for any occasion.

Creati AI suit generation result
  1. Indiscernible from reality: The AI headshots generated by Creati is such that it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish it from what is real.
  2. High-resolution image generating: Creati’s AI headshot generator will automatically generate high-resolution headshot to make your AI headshot with the best performance effect.
  3. Various filter for stunning AI headshot with delicate suit: Creati offers a range of templates to help users achieve the best results for their photo studio needs. With our AI algorithm, we’ll also improve your original photo to ensure it looks its best.
  4. Photo studio quality guarantee:You will get a stunning headshot by ZMO’s unique AI algorithms to fulfill your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Answered: Professional AI-Generated Headshot Services for Individuals and Remote Teams

Creati’s AI photo editor is a game-changer for showcasing your products. With no cost attached and 10 times the efficiency, you can remove background cleanly in seconds. Its advanced background removal, intelligent templates, and vast array of background options enable you to effortlessly create breathtaking product showcase photos.

You just upload your portrait photo and choose related filter to swap engender. If you want to change with pointed image you can also send reference. Creati will automatically swap.

– Enjoy unlimited AI styles for generating photos.
– Experience faster image generation and background changer.
– Export your creations without any logo watermark.

– Elevate your visual content creation with breathtaking ease. Our AI photo editor transforms your portrait or selfie into the epitome of perfection, all at the touch of a button.
– Experience the magic of AI photo generator as it unlocks studio-quality excellence for your product photos. Witness a 10-fold surge in impressions and conversions through our AI-renditioned images.
– Our AI remove background effortlessly and delivers spotless results. Whether you desire a crisp white backdrop or a transparent canvas for further customization, the choice is yours.
– Harness the potential of a single image, generating a myriad of awe-inspiring photos tailored to diverse use cases.