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Free Sticker AI Maker

Want to liven up your conversations? Join ZMO.AI and create meme stickers for free! In just a few simple steps, you can customize your personalized stickers. Come and experience the magic of AI and make your chat no longer dull!

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How to use AI to make stickers?

Making AI stickers is quick and easy with ZMO.AI sticker maker. With just a few clicks, you can instantly turn your image into a  sticker.

ZMO.AI Sticker ideal image
ideal picture

Step 1: Choose the right picture for ZMO.AI Sticker

First, you need to have your own idea of what kind of AI sticker you intend to create with a sticker creator. Whether it's your daily selfies, funny moments with pets, or funny screenshots between friends, they can easily be converted into meme stickers to spice up your conversations. With ZMO.AI, you can create stickers from any photo or screenshot.


Step 2: Remove Image Bacground

ZMO.AI's AI background removal tool to seamlessly extract the subject from your picture. This entirely automatic process saves you both time and effort, allowing you to achieve professional results instantly.

ZMO.AI Sticker Remove background
ZMO.AI Sticker maker
edit elements

Step 3: Incorporate the Suitable Elements

ZMO.AI sticker maker, also known as a sticker creator, offers a variety of options to help you make meme stickers for your social platform. Enhance your images by adding humorous text and dialogues in various fonts, including speech bubble memes, embellish them with clip arts and emojis, and refine the look with filters, color adjustments, and more. If you don't have the right elements, you can also choose to add the right ones yourself with one click.

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Step 4: Download and Share with Your Friends

When you are done your creating your sticker, downlaod it with one click. Then you will get high quality PNG format with a trasparent background.Then send them to your own social media like Whatsapp or others, and use them as conversation starters. Add unlimited fun to your social media~

ZMO.AI sticker maker downlaod

Make Meme Stickers for any occasion

Unlock your creative potential with Fotor’s WhatsApp sticker maker! Design unique WhatsApp stickers and create group chat meme stickers to enjoy with your friends!

ZMO.AI Sticker Maker group

Funny Stickers for Group Chat

Transform pictures of you and your friends into stickers to enhance your group chats. Incorporate captions, emojis, and more...

Birthday sticker

Birthday Stickers

Enhance celebrants' photos by adding a birthday hat or a cake with candles. Choose appealing fonts to write

Cute cate Sticker

Lovely Cat Stickers

Easily transform images into stickers! Create your own stickers using your favorite pet photos.

Benefits of using AI Sticker Maker

Custom Design

ZMO's ai sticker maker will generate AI furry characters according to your picture

Fast & Easy

Adjust settings as needed to create the meme stickers you want.Click “Generate”, and it will output the AI furry characters that you want

Free Using

You can use with daily free trail for ZMO's ai sticker maker
ZMO.AI Sticker Maker women

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