AI Background Changer

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AI Background Changer

Realistic & Unique AI background changer customized just for you

Hasan Toor
Hasan Toor@hasantoxr
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This is literally ChatGPT for Photography. Introducing ImgCreator AI: Generate hyper-realistic backgrounds from any photo without breaking the bank.
Csaba Kissi
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi
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Tired of using fake background templates? Say goodbye to them! Now, any photo will generate a hyper-realistic and stunning background without spending $1000+
Ihtesham Haider
Ihtesham Haider@ihteshamit
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RIP to Photo Studios! http://ImgCreator.AI is a superior alternative to traditional photo studios. Here's why: • Generate hyper-realistic backgrounds for your products •Felexibility of 'AI shooting' in any dream scenes as long as you can imagine • Automatically adjust content sizes for all social media

Perfect for Profile Photos AI Background Change

Give your portrait photo a new look by changing background, change clothes or hair style using one click! See the magic yourself.For the more, swap anything from the photo is also available!

Easy Three Steps for AI Background Changer

Just upload your photo,  Background AI automatically remove background, select filter and imgeditor will generate perfect realistic background for your need. 


step 1

Transparent background

step 2

Generated Background

step 3

AI Generated Backgrounds For
Product Photography

Upgrade your e-commerce product images with the AI Background Generator. Our imgeditor creates stunning but photo-realistic product pictures at a low cost, so you can personalize your product backgrounds in seconds and showcase your products in the best background possible

Lifestyle AI Background Changer for any objects in seconds

Use Case

Client Testimonials

I used to spend a crazy amount of time and dough on traditional photoshoots and editing, but AI Background changer has made my life a whole lot easier. No need to mess around with all that when I can just swap and customize elements in the images with a few clicks. It's really a time-saver, and I can quickly adapt to the latest trends and what edit my content accordingly.


It’s a pretty good AI Background Changer, I’ve used DALL-E a bit and this one is a little easier to use and the results are more consistent. I really like that their Background chang'er lets you pick and choose what background style you’re looking for. Might seem like a small thing, but it helps a lot when it comes to getting consistent results!


Web Designer
This is quite incredible! I actually spent a lot of money to photoshop with the background, but know we can do it automatically! This is what AI brings us! Let's enjoy the new era!

Yash Mangyu


AI Background Changer for portraits, cars, and more

Tricks For Changing Background

Imgeditor introduction

Take a insight look in AI photo editor for changing background

Unlimited Background Changing

End the tedious work and free your hand by changing background

Easy to swap anything you want

Remove unwanted parts of and replace the element for the better change background performance

See the magic of AI Background Changer yourself

AI Background Changer FAQ

What is AI Background Changer?

AI Background Changer is an advanced AI-driven background generator that allows you to easily replace the background of any image with a new, customized backdrop of your choice.

How does AI Background Changer work?

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, AI Background Changer intelligently identifies the subject in your image and seamlessly replaces the background while maintaining the subject’s natural appearance.

What types of backgrounds can I replace with AI Background Changer?

You can replace your image background with a wide variety of options, including real life-style, ads scenes, traveling spots, solid colors, patterns, gradients, textures, or even custom images you provide. 

Can AI Background Changer handle complex images and subjects?

Yes, AI Background Changer is designed to handle a diverse range of image complexities, including intricate details such as hair, fur, or transparent objects. Our AI algorithms work to deliver the most realistic and accurate results possible.

How do I use AI Background Changer?

Using AI Background Changer is simple and user-friendly. Upload your image, describe your desired background, and let our AI algorithms work their magic. Once the process is complete, you can download the final result.

Can I use AI Background Changer for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use AI Background Changer for both personal and commercial purposes, including website design, marketing materials, social media content, and more. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary rights to use the images you upload.

How much does AI Background Changer cost?

We offer various pricing plans to accommodate different needs and budgets. You can find detailed information about our pricing options on our Pricing page.

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