Turn Any Online Image to Your Own Version For Free

Generate Variations of any photo or illustration with Imagen AI

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Turn any image into your unique inspiration

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Generate similar versions of an existing photo and use it for free

IMAGEN AI can generate a similar version of an existing photo or design. In situations where you cannot use the original image, you can simply generate one with Imagen AI and turn into your own version

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IMAGEN AI is perfect for ideation

Get Design Ideas from Product Photos

IMAGEN AI can generate unlimited variations from a single photo. Letting you to visualize different designs with changing some of the elements but keep the majority of the look and feel the same.


Edit any images like a pro

Generate look alike photos, images, illustrations and more

With its ability to keep the look, feel, and color pattern of your seed image, IMAGEN AI generates look-alike images that can be replacements for the originals for A/B testing, Ad refreshment and more.


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AI-Generated Inspirations
from images, photos, and illustrations

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