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Sea girl created by ZMO

Make your Own Anime character

Take a look at some of the amazing anime characters we have helped create!

Anime character
Anime character
Anime character
Turn image to anime avatars

Turn your photo into Anime Avatars

ImgCreator.AI allows you to turn your photos into Anime Charaters in seconds. Have you ever wondered what you would look like in the world of anime? Existing generators cannot preserve your identity when turning you into anime characters, yet ImgCreator.AI could create your own generative AI engines to generate anime characters preserving your identity. Generate anime characters now who really look like you.

Build your customized anime character Creator online

Just by uploading your own collection of anime characters, ImgCreator.AI will create similar anime character based on your own data. Just upload one image, and ImgCreator.AI will generate endless anime character variations for you in seconds. No text prompt needed, and so easy to mimic your favorite anime style



Generate fast at scale

Original and Unique

star girl image created by ZMO's imgcreator

AI Character Generator for 3D Character, Fantasy Charater & Cartoon Character

With our amazing AI Character Generator, you could  not only generate AI Anime Character, but also other AI Character types, including Garming 3D character, Eye-Catching Cartoon character and Fantasy Character, like Cyberpunk Character, Imaginary Creatures or NPC Character for Gaming Assets.

Anime character
anime character maker

Random Anime Character Generator from Text

ImgCreator has lots of anime filter types like shinkai or Miyazaki provided if you simply want to generate your own anime character online using text prompt. You can also upload your own photo and using the anime filter to turn to an anime character in seconds!

How to get my own Anime Character Creator photo 3

Most Fun way

Upload your photo to image input box on ImgCreator.AI and select anime filter. Then you will get your personal anime avatar! photo 2

Most Professional Way

Upload more than 10 images of your preferred styled anime characters and train your customized anime character generator on ImgCreator.AI. photo

Most Creative way

Simply Type in your text and ImgCreator will generate anime character using AI text to image generator.

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AI Character Generator FAQ

Absolutely! With ImgCreator.AI anime character creator, it’s easy to get the anime character you want even if you can’t draw. Just type in text description, and select your preferred style. You will create your own anime character in seconds!

You can go to ImgCreator.AI anime character creator to have your own anime character for free. Just use your imagination and show your talent to the world

Simply upload your image to, and select anime style filter on the bottom, you will be able to turn any picture into anime style you like

There are many amazing anime app online:

  • zmo – AI Anime Character Creator.
  • OpenArt – Animated AI Character Generator. 
  • Lensa AI — best App for AI Character Generator
  • Crypko — AI Anime Character Generation
  • zmo – AI Anime Character Creator.
  • OpenArt – Animated AI Character Generator. 
  • Lensa AI — best App for AI Character Generator
  • Crypko — AI Anime Character Generation
  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Text to Image or Image to Image and write down your character description, or upload a reference image
  3. Select your AI character style.
  4. Generate and iterate your AI character.
  5. You can also train your own AI character in the AI Portrait section on ImgCreator.AI. Yet you will need to upload 6 photos to train it yourself.

The short answer is yes. You can create your own AI characters for free on ImgCreator.AI.  The platform offers its core features without any charges, allowing users to create and interact with various characters. However, the free version comes with certain limitations, like you can only use text to image, or image to image function to create your own character, if you want to train your own model for certain character features, you will need to upgrade to paid version

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