Image variation

Swap face, change background, or simply get a similar image

Different variation Selection

Swap Face

Stop paying for Face Swap App, simply upload your photo, select the face area mask, and then describe the ideal face you want to see. Bump! The AI face model is ready.

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Simply Variation

Just get a batch of variation photos look similar in both composition and style.

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Copy Edge Exactly

Get images in a unique, life-style, high conversion background in 3 seconds or less for free.

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Change Background

ImgCreator will not only automatically remove the background for you, but also generate realistic background with lighting and shadow for you.

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Turn any photo into your own version for free
Image Variation can generate unlimited unique variations from a single image and you can use them freely. Unleash infinite inspiration in seconds and provide endless viral content just from a single image.
Swap Face, Change Background or more
ZMO.AI offers diverse options for modifying specific sections of an image (e.g., face, backgrounds) or transforming the entire image to a similar version while preserving the edges. Now you have the power to manipulate each detail like a wizard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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