Background Generator

Create and Edit photos 10x faster using AI photo studio.

Background changer

Generate realistic, studio-quality background with one click, which match the lighting of original foreground and boost conversion

Magic remover

Remove anything unwanted in seconds, so you can easily fix any defects generated images.

AI Model

Showcase clothing on various models and endless scenes 10x faster and reduce cost by 90%

People love ZMO.AI

Charlie Alan

I used to spend a crazy amount of time and dough on traditional photoshoots and editing, but Background changer has made my life a whole lot easier. No need to mess around with all that when I can just swap and customize elements in the images with a few clicks. It's really a time-saver, and I can quickly adapt to the latest trends and what edit my content accordingly.

Armando Tejeda

It’s a pretty good AI Image Generator, I’ve used DALL-E a bit and this one is a little easier to use and the results are more consistent. I really like that their Background chang'er lets you pick and choose what background style you’re looking for. Might seem like a small thing, but it helps a lot when it comes to getting consistent results!

Yash Mangyu

This is quite incredible! I actually spent a lot of money to photoshop with the background, but know we can do it automatically! This is what AI brings us! Let's enjoy the new era!

Photo Background Changer FAQ

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