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Anime AI

Most delicate and customizable anime charactor maker powered by cutting edge AI

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Create Anime AI Waifus or Husbandos

Bring your dream anime waifu to life in anywhere with any poses, no skills needed. ZMO Anime AI supports Prompt to Waifu, Image to Waifu, Pose to Waifu, for Free

Turn yourself into Anime instantly

Have you ever wanted what you would look like in anime? Use ZMO anime AI generator to transform your photos into stunning anime! All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself, and our advanced AI technology will analyze your facial features and apply AI anime filter to turn you into an anime character in no time. Enjoy a fast and fun way to anime yourself and create your own anime characters with ZMO AI!

Highest Quality Anime AI

Free Generations Every day

You will get 10 generations for free every day

100+ Styles

Fullest coverage of all anime styles model online to choose from


Pose Control, Image Control, Depth Control, Contour Control etc.

Comprehensive coverage of all anime genres

ImgCreator supports over 50 distinct anime styles, encapsulating the majority of well-loved genres at a professional level. Don’t hesitate to express your creativity through any style you prefer.

Incredibly detailed-oriented anime creator, ---paying close attention to each element.

ImgCreator Anime Maker dedicates great attention to the details and color schemes of anime characters. Leveraging advanced AI technology, users can refine, enlarge, and modify even the finest elements in the results produced by the anime character generator.

Control Net and Image Reference

Harnessing the power of robust controlNet technology, ImgCreator Anime Maker offers comprehensive control over your anime creation process. This ranges from posing and color selection, to outlining the image and arranging its composition.

This gives you the ability to easily dictate the appearance of your anime character, right down to the smallest detail.

Over 1M satisfied users

“Initially, I had my doubts, but this service surpassed them all! I uploaded my photo and effortlessly received images styled after Naruto. It provides excellent value for money and delivers rapidly. Among 100 generated photos, you're sure to find the image of your dreams. Given the reasonable price, there's no need for hesitation.”
Julie Anna
“The AI anime generator is truly exceptional. Its user-friendly interface and rich features make it a breeze to create unique, high-quality anime characters. I'm thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in anime!"
Clay Hoover
“The elf-styled photos generated are fantastic and user-friendly. I strongly endorse this product. I even purchased a pack for my boyfriend, which served as an excellent gift.”
Ellie Chen

Anime AI FAQ

What is anime?

Anime is a specific style of animation that originated in Japan. It has become increasingly popular around the world, with a large fan base. Some of the most iconic and popular anime shows are Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon.

What is anime AI?

Anime AI refers to animation that is created using artificial intelligence technologies. This includes AI generation of character designs, character appearance, animation frames, and narratives, as well as AI simulation of character movements and expressions.

What is an anime AI art generator?

An anime AI art generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create anime-style art and pictures automatically.

ZMO.AI’s anime AI art generator is one such tool that allows users to create anime art quickly and easily. Users can choose to create anime from text descriptions or upload an image to use as a reference. With ZMO.AI, anyone can create beautiful anime artwork without any drawing skills.

What are the benefits of using an anime AI art generator?

Drawing anime art requires a lot of time and effort, and not everyone has the skills to do it. With ZMO.AI’s anime AI generator, you can produce beautiful anime pictures in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, you can use AI-generated anime pictures as a source of inspiration for your own creations. This can be a great way to spark new ideas.

What kind of anime images can ZMO.AI's anime AI art generator produce?

With ZMO.AI’s anime AI art generator, you can make almost all types of anime images you can imagine- full-body anime characters, portraits, drawings, anime wallpapers, illustrations, manga, and a whole lot more. The possibilities are limitless.

How to use anime AI art generator to create anime character?

To use an AI anime art generator to create an anime character, follow these general steps:
1. Find a reliable AI anime art generator like ZMO.AI
2. Input your desired character specifications in text or upload your own photo
3. Select your style filter, hit Generate and iterate
4. Save and use the generated artwork

Is there an AI turns you into anime

Of course, you can check out ZMO’s ai anime photo generator at

What is the best anime AI generator?
Best anime AI generator tools
  • ZMO.AI
  • Nijijourney
  • Midjourney.
  • DALL-E 2.
  • Stable Diffusion AI.
  • Runway ML.
How can I make AI Anime
  • Open ImgCreator.AI
  • Input prompt text
  • Choose an anime filter and Click Generate
  • Download preferred anime results
How to make your own Waifu
  1. Open the official website of ImgCreator.AI and select the Generate option.
  1. Enter the prompt to describe the characteristics of your dream Waifu and use the different pre-existing filters to make the results more accurate.
  1. Select the number of outputs you want and the option of aspect ratios, resolution and so on.
  2. Click on the Generate option to get the results.

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