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AI Picture Generator

Create stunning images with a text prompt using ZMO AI Picture Generator

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Bring imagination to life with AI Picture Generator

Imagine your design, then incorporate it. See how your words and phrases metamorphose into striking visuals using Text to Image, Canva's AI-driven image generator. Differentiate yourself with an image that aligns perfectly with your project.

Create Amazing Result with text to image

ZMO's AI image generator ensures the ideal image is readily available, even if it hasn't been conceptualized. This tool lets you create images that illustrate a product or idea, draft a creative concept, or redefine the boundaries of imagination. All you have to do is type your text prompt. For example: "A panda riding a bike through a city with depth of field." Observe as your words convert into stunning visuals for all your creative needs.

Skip Prompt effort using Image to Image

Easily convert an existing image into a modified one using our AI text-to-image generator. How to create ai art using image to image:

  • Upload an image: Select an image you wish to modify or transform. The Magic Tool enables you to alter the style, adjust the subject, or instill a different mood. However, it bases all changes on the original image.
  • Select a filter: Choose Photo Variation or Animify, or Emoji. You can effortlessly generate numerous variations of existing creatives.
  • Generate and Download: Refine your preferences using the advanced settings, choose the number of outputs you need, and effortlessly create your new images with our AI image generator!

Unparalleled controllability for generation

Controllability is a key feature on ZMO.AI, with the capability of replicating compositions or human poses or outline from a reference image.

Experienced AI users understand the complexity of generating specific compositions, as output images can often appear somewhat arbitrary. Your only strategy has been to engage in a numbers game: you generate a hefty collection of images and choose one that appeals to you.

However, ZMO's control function introduces a method for AI users to precisely control the positioning and appearance of subjects. With this tool, they can finally manage the elements of the image with unprecedented accuracy!

1000+ style models cover all needs

convert your images to any style you want


Anime Style


Photo Style man and woman discussing in front of white board

Illustration Style

Image To Image - Emoji

Emoji Style

AI Picture Generator FAQ

Answers to your questions

What is the best AI picture generator?

Some of the best AI Picture Generators as follows:

1. ImgCreator.AI –website on PC and mobile app, has free credits daily

2. Midjourney — Discord only, paid only

3. Dall E 2 — Website on PC, paid only

How can I create my picture with AI?

a. Log in to ImgCreator.AI. Choose the AI Image Generator tool and enter your text prompt.

b. Select the proper filter type for image generation

c. Generate AI image. Click the Generate image button to begin the AI image creation process.

d. Iterate and Download results.

Is there a good free AI picture generator?

There are many good AI picture generators, yet not too many of them are free due to GPU cost. Several free AI image generator with limitations:

1. ImgCreator.AI –website on PC and mobile app, has free credits daily

2. Playground AI — Almost Free

3. Pixai — Website on PC

Can I use AI Picture Generator for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the output images generated by AI Picture Generator for commercial purposes.

What file types are supported by AI Picture Generator?

AI Image Generator supports most common image file types, including JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

GIFs and videos are not supported.

Can I edit the output image after it's been generated by AI Picture Generator?

Yes, you can edit the output image after it’s been generated by AI Picture Generator using our AI Designer feature.